The bad press of journalism

Journalists do not have a good press.

06 January 2023 Friday 15:45
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The bad press of journalism

Journalists do not have a good press. The CIS shows that we have lost credibility, not as much as the politicians, but the drift is equally worrying. Surely, professionals could do better, but it is no less true that, since no qualifications are required to practice the trade, many undocumented immigrants sneak in with pretense. And some even achieve money and fame with their imposture. When you go to a doctor's office, he feels comforted by the diplomas and titles that hang in the office.

Journalists contribute to shaping public opinion without filtering the suitability of our knowledge. At least before, companies were a certain social guarantee, but today technology allows you to skip this step, leaving the recipient of the messages alone in the face of danger. The danger that whoever issues them is not truthful.

This disquisition comes from the story that the Government tries to regulate the professional secrecy of journalists to guarantee freedom of the press, which the PP does not quite see clearly. The project that he is preparing includes the first definition of the journalist in a legal text of our country. The redacted text reads as follows: "Journalists are the professionals who are dedicated to communication, whose main mission is to make society's right to information a reality." Why is this definition interesting? Well, because it excludes from the consideration of journalists those characters who are dedicated to entertaining or entertaining.

Carl Bernstein, Bob Woodward's journalistic partner in the Watergate case, was once asked about the trade and replied: "We have to stop believing that we belong to a special caste, above everything and everyone, like monks . We are like doctors: some save your life, most cure you, and a few kill you." Accepting this consideration of the journalism of one of its icons as good, it is no less true that society must require all of us who dedicate ourselves to this profession to report with the utmost honesty and with a commitment to good practices. And exercise it with the faith of the monks, although Bernstein disputes it.



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