The 7 news you need to know this morning

Hello good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 September 2023 Monday 10:24
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The 7 news you need to know this morning

Hello good morning!

Or 'bon dia', 'egun on', 'bo dia'. Today all the official languages ​​in Spain beyond Spanish are settled in Congress and the EU is debating whether to follow in its footsteps. The investiture presses. The hour is long ago. No matter how it goes, the step counts.

Today Congress opens its sessions in Catalan, Basque and Galician, languages ​​that will be used by a large part of the parliamentary groups. The PP and Vox affirm that their deputies will speak only in Spanish. This is how it has been prepared: six translators, 450 headphones…

And what happens on the contrary? Just as Congress opens to multilingual Spain, eyes turn towards those territorial chambers where bilingualism is the norm. In short: here Catalan is losing strength, Basque is advancing, Galician is sweeping, like that.

Europe is not immune to the country's linguistic steps forward. The Government is arming itself with arguments to defend its use also in the EU, and to avoid repeating the setback of 2004, it evokes a legal point that did not exist at that time. The dilemma that remains is, again, political.

Was artificial intelligence this? In Extremadura, the dissemination of photos of naked minor girls generated with AI is being investigated. Rosalía and Laura Escanes suffered from it before. It continues without a clear solution when gender violence worsens. Incredible.

The selection goes from drama to drama. After the goodbye of Rubiales from the Federation and Vilda from the benches, Spain yesterday called up 20 of its 23 players against their will after requesting more changes. The clash points to a legal phase. Worse difficult.

Pius XII knew about the Holocaust. The Holy See has always said no, although there are many voices that accuse the Pope from 1939 to 1958 of looking the other way. Now a letter from 1942 confirms that he knew about the extermination camps. Is there a storm coming?

The divorce that never ends. The departure of the United Kingdom from the EU remains incompletely digestible. After conservative twists and turns, the Labor leader offers to renegotiate Brexit but without returning to any union. He continues looking for a direction.

Woody Allen, filmmaker. “Cancel culture is bullshit.” Read it here.

Olive oil, liquid gold? Yes, or at least that is what is corroborated by prices that continue to skyrocket, despite being essential for the daily lives of almost everyone in Spain. There are, however, tricks to avoid wasting it in the kitchen. It's time to take notes.

If arguing is the order of the day, what better than to pay a little attention to the leaders in mediation. For example, Douglas E. Noll. “In an argument, ignore the words and focus on the emotions,” he says. There is more.

142 years. Last night the 142nd anniversary of this newspaper gave rise to the 1st Vanguardia Awards, which means extra pressure if it is part of a journalistic career that spans three far from peaceful centuries. The conclusion: toast to coexistence.

Ronald Humphrey, teaches emotional intelligence and leadership. “The leader understands machines, but even more so hearts.” Read it here.