The 7 news you have to know this morning

Hello good morning!.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
22 March 2023 Wednesday 00:24
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The 7 news you have to know this morning

Hello good morning!

Today the motion of no confidence against Pedro Sánchez is voted and more than knowing who wins, it seems to matter who loses (more). The tight electoral calendar of 2023 rules. In the US, the possible arrest of Trump, meanwhile, tenses everything.

The ultra-right's attempt against Pedro Sánchez is failing: the motion of no confidence against the president is voted on today, but it is already known that it is unsuccessful and, what's more, the government coalition emerges unscathed, unites and props up his speech: or they or the PP Vox.

Yolanda Díaz, the vice president, is, beyond the president, the other great protagonist. The analysis: "the motion does not move votes but transfers of confidence towards it."

The 'popular' have yet to intervene in the debate. They will do it today through the mouth of their number two. And without Alberto Núñez Feijóo. Yesterday, while Congress was debating, he was meeting at the Swedish embassy with ambassadors from the EU. He says it all. He thinks beyond the motion.

USA, in tension. The possible criminal indictment of former President Trump for the bribery of a porn actress now forces security measures to be strengthened in New York and Washington for fear of riots. Again.

Ukraine, the excuse. Putin embraces Xi Jinping's plan for Ukraine, which without Kyiv or the West in it, is going nowhere. The Russian president takes advantage, however, to court Beijing, his "friend", his economic priority.

The Basque 'sorpasso'. The attraction of resources launches a warning about the economic interest of one territory or another. The leadership of Madrid stands out here. And now, also, the fact that the Basque Country has advanced Catalonia in the ranking of foreign investment.

The Botox 'mafias'. Malpractice at popular Turkish clinics that attract medical tourism spreads fears of botulism. New public health problem.

Dolly Alderton, journalist, popular sentimental consultant. "We suffer from commitmentphobia." read it here

Messi... again. The Argentine continues without renewing with PSG, a club that values ​​making changes and only Mbappé is untouchable. The possible return of him to Barça is mentioned again, although the club is still suffering from the Negreira case: the controversial arbitration reports about him come to light.

What happiness? The largest research (so far) on what makes us happy relativizes the role of money and health. Three decades of monitoring say that the secret to happiness is to cultivate and maintain good and many relationships.

The punch that broke the boom. The disagreement in Barcelona between García Márquez and Vargas Llosa is the history of literature. Now Jaime Bayly novelizes and unravels: his complicity with dictators, the family history that explains the temptation of aggression...

Joel Hamkins, mathematical philosopher, creator of the theory of multiverse logic. “Artificial intelligence is imperfect; the human one, too”. Read it here.