The 5 Best Ways To Distribute Custom Pens

If there's one immutable fact in the world today, it's that people love free stuff. Sometimes we love free stuff a little bit too much

Recep Karaca
Recep Karaca
04 October 2022 Tuesday 02:58
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The 5 Best Ways To Distribute Custom Pens

If there's one immutable fact in the world today, it's that people love free stuff. Sometimes we love free stuff a little bit too much, but it can be a great marketing tool. Deciding where you're going to distribute the pens and if you're going to sell them or not is only part of the equation. It's also vital to know where to distribute them. After all, if you don't have the right distribution method in place, you might miss out on some leads and not make as good an impression on your customers. Here are five places to distribute your custom pens. Check it out below.

At The Register or POS

The first and probably best place to handle your custom pens is going to be the register. When people purchase an item at your store, they'll undoubtedly visit the cash register. It doesn't matter if you have automated registers or mand registers, there's some value to offering free pens there. If you don't want to offer complimentary pins, you can offer them as impulse purchases for a small price. Because custom pens are so inexpensive to acquire in bulk, you can offset those costs by charging a small fee of perhaps $1 for the pen. By making them available in an easy location for your customers, you'll move a lot more pens, more people will see them, more people will see your logo, and you'll likely see more business as a result.

During Applications

Everyone needs to hire people once in a while. Most of the time, online applications are the way to go. But some businesses, especially smaller ones, still rely on the paper process for applications. And some people still prefer filling out paper job applications anyway, making it a great way to tackle that particular subset of your customers. Why not hand out a free custom pen during an application? Aside from job applications, loan or credit applications are a great place to deliver free pens to your customers. If you're looking for a quick distribution point that already brought people in, this is a great way to do it.

At A Tradeshow

Covid-19 took the wind out of the sails for many gatherings, conventions, and trade shows. But they're coming back. And they're doing it in a big way. Trade shows are one of the best ways to get your name out there among other industry folks as well as potential clients. Giving away freebies such as mugs, notebooks, calendars, and pens is a good way to build a rapport with others at a trade show. When you want to get the word out quickly, a trade show can be a wonderful way to do it because of a large number of people that will see your custom information on your pen.

In The Mail

If you're looking to drive brand awareness, increase sales, just get the word out and an easy way, you might want to send them through the mail. It's an inexpensive way to increase visibility that can really work for you. If you have a mailing list (and you really should), you can use it to get the word out about promotions and provide a special gift for the people who are actually on the list. If you don't, you can use the pens to convince people to jump on your mailing list. Whatever the case, you'll be able to take advantage of an awesome promotional tool with these.

To Employees and At Conferences

A great way to boost employee morale and increase productivity is by using incentive programs such as contests, raffles, or bonuses based on high performance. An engraved pen or something a little fancier than a ballpoint pen can be a great motivator for reaching sales goals or achieving high customer satisfaction. Pens are also a great giveaway in meetings or conferences. If you're attending any events or conferences, consider bringing along some custom pens as giveaways for attendees. You could also leave pens behind at registration tables with information about your company on them so that people can take one with them when they leave the conference room. That way people can grab your pens as they leave or register and you can get the benefit of getting the word out about your business.



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