The 10 best scratching posts for cats: prevent them from getting bored at home

Cat scratchers are an essential accessory if you have a kitten at home and you don't want to end up with furniture and curtains destroyed by scratches.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 May 2024 Tuesday 04:37
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The 10 best scratching posts for cats: prevent them from getting bored at home

Cat scratchers are an essential accessory if you have a kitten at home and you don't want to end up with furniture and curtains destroyed by scratches. These animals need to file their nails, and scolding them and prohibiting them from doing this action that comes naturally to them is counterproductive. You will never get them to stop doing it, because they shouldn't stop doing it.

Once you understand that cats have to scratch, it's time to decide what type of scratching post will work best for your furry friend and what type of scratching post will work best for you at home. If your cat is very territorial, he may like a tower with floors, to stand at the top and keep watch. If he is very playful, don't forget that the scratching post also has a hanging ball or other detail that makes him enjoy it.

If your cat has already noticed your curtains and your couch, one way to get him to change his preference is to teach him that the place to scratch is on the scratching post. As? Sweets as a reward will help you a lot. Every time he does it, reward him because, in addition, using the scratching post has many benefits.

At El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have made a selection of 10 cat scratchers for all types of needs. You can find tower types with several floors and features, simpler ones like a post with a ball to play with, L-shaped for those cats that stretch... choose the one that best suits your cat and you!

The Catshion Artic cat scratching post is made with high quality materials, so your cat can play and rest whenever it wants. You can put it in any corner of the house, since its design is versatile and attractive, especially for the animal.

It is made up of columns covered in sisal so that the cat can file its claws. Also soft, padded platforms and a hammock where he can rest or sleep, as well as soft crates to hide in while he plays. You can also have a great time with the fixed cord specially placed for playing on the small staircase. All of these materials are easy to clean.

If you don't have much space at home, this scratching post will be enough to prevent your cat from destroying your sofa. It is the Tk-pet isodoro model and is made of natural jute, a scratch-resistant material, so it will become the appropriate place for the animal to sharpen its nails.

The post also incorporates a rope with a hanging ball, made of the same material, another stimulus to attract the feline's attention, and it will surely help it become familiar with the scratching post, play and have fun, and, above all, not Get used to scratching the furniture in the house. Do not scold your cat, it is better to offer him an alternative and teach him that this is where he can sharpen his nails.

A two-in-one that will surely become your kitten's favorite place at home. And the Catshion Stool House scratcher has a scratching post where you can sharpen your nails and also a bed, where you can rest or sleep for hours. It is made of very resistant materials to withstand scratches.

The comfortable bed looks like a cave in which your cat can rest without being bothered by light and feeling protected at all times. It is made of warm and soft material, so that the animal's rest is optimal.

When you want to buy a tower-type cat scratching post like the one you can see in the image, there are those who take aesthetics into account, in addition to the various areas of which the scratching post is made up. Because it is going to be another piece of furniture in the house, and it should follow the same style or as similar as possible. This is the case of this scratching post, in gray tones, a more elegant and different option than usual.

The Catshion Kenzo cat scratching post is made with high quality materials and has several columns covered in sisal, ready for the animal to file its claws well and forget that there are curtains and furniture in the house. But not only can you play, you can also rest thanks to the soft padded surfaces of the different platforms.

This scratching post that you can buy at a very good price is really 3 in 1. In it your cat can play and have fun, hide - whether to play or rest - and sleep. It is made from 100% corrugated cardboard, which ensures that it is a resistant product.

With this accessory at home, your cat will forget that you have furniture and will not need to hang on the curtains, since you are giving him a perfect alternative to climb and sharpen his nails. It lasts a long time, but when it is already damaged, you can put it in a container and recycle it.

Another proposal if you are not lucky enough to have enough space at home are these cardboard boards so that your cat can sharpen its nails whenever it needs to. In addition, it is a 100% recyclable item, so you will not generate waste that pollutes.

The cardboard surface of the two pieces that make up this scratching post allows your cat to keep its nails sharp and filed while also removing old parts of its claws. It also allows it to leave its scented and visible trail, something very important for animals. It is made of corrugated cardboard and combining smooth and corrugated layers.

If you like to be original with the decoration of your home, this cat scratching post is sure to fit your tastes and preferences. It is small, therefore it does not take up more space than necessary, and its cat shape makes it a very fun product, in addition to the utility that you can give it.

And not only will it make you happy, your cat will surely be interested in seeing one similar to him at home. This scratching post made of cardboard is designed both for the animal to sharpen and file its nails and also allows it to stretch out on it and rest.

This simple scratching post will become your savior if your cat has taken to scratching furniture and curtains. In addition to being a scratching post, the protector can be folded to hang on the wall in a corner, simulating the sides of the sofa, one of the most dangerous points in the house when it comes to cats.

This proposal is designed for those people who do not want it to be excessively noticeable that they have a problem with their cat's nails. Its sober design and small size make it go unnoticed. It is very resistant and is flavored with catnip (which attracts kittens).

If you have more than one cat at home, this scratching post may be the best solution. It has 4 levels, where cats can play, hide, rest, file their nails and watch from above. It is very complete and is made with resistant materials and a soft texture (with velvet), so that the animal feels comfortable.

This very complete tower consists of 2 terraces for playing and keeping watch, 1 sleeping house, 1 hammock for resting, 3 scratching posts covered in sisal rope and 2 hanging balls for playing. With so much distraction, your cat will never touch your furniture and/or curtains again.

If, in addition to scratching, you have noticed that your cat really likes to stretch out on the wall, this scratching post will be the perfect choice. It is made of cardboard and wood and is L-shaped, so the feline can scratch, stretch (both up and down), and it also has a set of balls in the central part, between the two scratching posts.

It is an accessory that does not take up much space at home and that you can put directly against the wall. This product is also environmentally friendly, as its durable cardboard is 100% ecological and recyclable.