Teresa Rodríguez leaves her seat in Parliament and reincorporates as a teacher at her institute

"We said many times that we didn't want to look like them or in our walks.

19 December 2022 Monday 15:33
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Teresa Rodríguez leaves her seat in Parliament and reincorporates as a teacher at her institute

"We said many times that we didn't want to look like them or in our walks." It is the phrase with which Teresa Rodríguez, leader of Adelante Andalucía, starts the video of her where she announces that this week she will leave her minutes in plenary session of Parliament after eight years dedicated to politics. And she does so convinced of having kept her word, the one she gave when in 2014 with Podemos she got a seat in the Eurochamber and then, under the same brand, won 15 seats in the 2015 Andalusian elections: term limitation and limitation of salary. “Politics is not a profession”, she is heard saying, that is why “after two legislatures you have to go back to work”.

The charismatic woman from Cádiz had already started the countdown to dissociate herself from this first political line, and less than a month ago she admitted that she was looking for a "relief" to take her place in the Andalusian Chamber, a chair that will finally be occupied by José Ignacio García, who was already a deputy during the last legislature.

Rodríguez, who will continue to be the spokesperson for the left-wing formation, will return to her teaching position at the secondary school in Puerto Real (Cádiz) "to land", she said, while indicating that she is leaving her seat "proud to have opened a new political space in which Andalusia raises its voice for itself, with its own accent”.

Although in the same video shared on his social networks he insists that the great processes and historical moments that have taken place in Andalusia have been promoted by anonymous people, he affirms that he is aware of the role that leadership plays, therefore, "I will continue to be there" . "I am not leaving politics because politics is not Parliament," she says, however, for "consistency", she must stop performing her position as deputy after two legislatures fighting to do "politics without changing neighborhoods" and resigning from "privileges" enjoyed by the other formations.

His announcement comes shortly after the one made by his sentimental partner and father of his daughters, José María González 'Kichi', when he also announced through the networks his intention not to run again in the 2023 municipal elections for the mayor of Cádiz , where he has been the first mayor for 8 years. The explanation that he gave then is the same as the one that Rodríguez exposes now: time limitation of the mandates to resume life where he left off. "Temporality is the best vaccine I know" to "not give opportunity to vanity, tyranny, corruption or routine", Kichi pointed out.

Rodríguez makes an appeal before reaching the end of his story: that society get involved in political matters. “All that matters is activism and militancy. Let's build that crowd again" capable of changing the system, he explains, while recalling that what makes the difference between Adelante Andalucía and the rest of the parties is that "not only do they have ideas that are different from those of the system, but they inhabit acts of a different morality every day, because you don't want to change just a few things, you want to change everything".



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