Teresa Rodríguez, leader of Adelante Andalucía, seeks "relief" to leave politics "soon"

The rumors were getting stronger since last October.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
30 November 2022 Wednesday 06:35
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Teresa Rodríguez, leader of Adelante Andalucía, seeks "relief" to leave politics "soon"

The rumors were getting stronger since last October. Her closest circle had already commented on it, but it was the protagonist herself who confirmed it: Teresa Rodríguez, the charismatic leader of Adelante Andalucía, will leave politics "soon". And she does it, as she herself has commented, after spending 8 years dedicated to her.

"We are in a position to put a replacement on the table, although the management of Adelante is trying to keep it a little longer," said the woman from Cádiz in an interview with 7TV. Therefore, she will soon give up her seat in the Andalusian Parliament to some other comrade.

The announcement of this withdrawal coincides with the confirmation by José María González 'Kichi', mayor of Cádiz and Rodríguez's sentimental partner, of not running for re-election in the 2023 municipal elections. "Temporality is the best vaccine I know of" to "not give opportunity to vanity, tyranny, corruption or routine," commented the mayor, since he pointed out that politics should not be "professionalized" or eternalized.

His position and arguments were defended by the still leader of Adelante, who valued the fulfillment "of the word given" by Kichi after seizing the baton of the silver cup, as well as the fact that eight years It is more than enough time to give up the baton and resume life at the point where it had left off. In her case, as a secondary school teacher.

Although Rodríguez had already commented that he would not be headlining the next regional elections, as he said coinciding with the announcement that Adelante would run for the next general elections, his decision comes sooner than expected. At the moment, the names of the people who could succeed her have not been revealed, but everything indicates that in a short time Isabel Mora, parliamentarian for Seville of the Adelante Andalucía Mixed Group, will shortly share initiatives with a new colleague.

"It is important to look for a replacement for my role", commented the spokesperson for the formation, as has already been done in Cádiz, where David de la Cruz, who has had the unanimous support of the party assembly, will be responsible to defend the acronyms before the next exam with the citizenship.

Teresa Rodríguez has spent a lifetime fighting against a system that she considers unfair, that does not ally itself or satisfy the needs of citizens. She soon began to demonstrate in Rota against the American bases established in the city of Cádiz and, little by little, she became a fundamental piece for Izquierda Unida. After years of militancy in the formation, she would go on to found an anti-capitalist group that would be absorbed by Podemos in 2014.

It was with the purples, eight years ago, when he won a seat in the European Parliament, and with the brand that ran for the 2015 Andalusian elections, winning 15 seats. For the following regional elections, in 2018, Rodríguez defended the name of 'Adelante Andalucía', a confluence of the left (Podemos and IU) with which she revalidated positions in Parliament, but from which she would not come out well. In 2020, she was expelled, along with 8 other deputies, from this parliamentary group, becoming non-attached in the Chamber. After months of struggle, Rodríguez managed to keep the brand and run under 'Adelante Andalucía' in the 2022 elections, obtaining 2 seats, hers and Mora's, and forming the Adelante Andalucía Mixed Group.

After these ups and downs, the woman from Cádiz wants to put an end to her journey through the world of politics, at least from the front row.