Summer 2022: 10 tips to survive the inflation vacation

Making plans and not giving up vacations in the most hedonistic sense of the word is compatible with controlled spending in view of a new course in which, in all probability, everything will be a little more expensive.

20 July 2022 Wednesday 00:02
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Summer 2022: 10 tips to survive the inflation vacation

Making plans and not giving up vacations in the most hedonistic sense of the word is compatible with controlled spending in view of a new course in which, in all probability, everything will be a little more expensive. There are ways to curb or keep spending at bay and even save at a time when it is necessary to disconnect, recharge batteries and, of course, treat yourself.

As Alberto Guillén, Global Head of Digital Product at BBVA, points out, "knowing and working on our financial health, making a prior budget that analyzes our expected expenses and income, can help us not only manage the daily economy, and especially that of these days, but also to achieve our life goals”. Adjusting the budget, avoiding improvisation and studying where we can reduce spending the most is possible if we apply common sense and plan with the time that is undoubtedly the most anticipated moment of the year.

If there is a time of the year when cooking becomes difficult, it is in summer, especially if we are not at home. The temptation to eat 'anything' for dinner can become the main bottleneck in the family economy because 'anything' is not as cheap as it is insinuated when saying it. We can take a break and eat out, but looking for alternatives that fit our budget or, why not, opt for a picnic on occasion, which always lowers costs. The rest of the days, it is better to organize a meal plan and select which place is worth a stop along the way. And to eat at home, what better than to do so by contributing to sustainable gastronomy.

The last minute exists, but like the inspiration for Picasso, it has to appear at the right time and it is not suitable for all families. There is a wide variety of pages that promote accommodation and routes with very attractive discounts, precisely because they are last minute, recommended for travelers who can allow themselves a certain margin to improvise and who do not have non-negotiable preferences with the destination. Selecting the offer that best suits each person, instead of letting ourselves be carried away only by the best discount, will make the difference between really saving or ending up spending more than expected.

Looking for destinations that are not overcrowded is synonymous with prices that are not inflated by excess demand and an excellent way to avoid inconveniences that, in the long run, increase spending and are unsustainable, such as spending two hours looking for parking and consuming gasoline. Locating natural pools for those who cannot spend a summer without soaking and delving into the charms of empty Spain is an excellent option to keep the budget under control and enjoy unprecedented prints.

The recurring mistake of sales is to use them as a short-term tool. We consume offers thinking about what we want to put in our suitcase to go on vacation, but we forget about the needs that will arise in the coming weeks and where the highest percentage of savings is generated in the medium and long term: school supplies, mid-season clothes or clothing. winter of the previous season that with the arrival of the new season many clothing stores need to get rid of. To benefit from maximum savings, it is best to consume during the summer sales but with an eye on the future.

Along the same lines, the holidays can be an ideal time to turn the house upside down and make a healthy inventory of what is there, what is not there and what is needed and what is there in triplicate and it is unnecessary to accumulate year after year. A highly recommended cleaning exercise that will make future purchases arise from the real need and not the impulse and that will avoid many others that did not make any sense.

Get around whenever you can on foot, obviously in the hours of less solar incidence, or do it by bike or public transport. For long trips by car, look for alternatives that make it possible to maximize the capacity of the vehicle to avoid, for example, two cars traveling with only two occupants when they could travel together and share fuel costs while reducing emissions.

Water is a common good and this summer it is especially valued due to the high temperatures and the lack of rain. We can be responsible with the consumption of this resource -and with the corresponding bill- and reduce the amount of water we use by shortening the duration of showers to a maximum of 10 minutes. For all those who have a private pool, it is advisable to apply eco-consumption and cleaning measures that prevent evaporation and waste of this asset.

Concerts, fairs, markets, performances, exhibitions, workshops, summer cinema... Something to keep in mind when planning our days off is the range of free activities or with popular prices that arise in towns and cities. Most of the major festivals are concentrated in the summer season, so it is relatively easy to find varied and adapted plans for all family members. Tourism for national holidays is becoming more and more fashionable, and it is that it allows you to discover new places while enjoying its wide range of entertainment.

Lost luggage, a blow to the window of the rental car, a canceled plane ride... Vacations can be slippery terrain on many occasions and the possibility of some unforeseen event that involves extra expense must be properly considered. If we do not need it, it will be a surplus with which to close some unforgettable days, and if we need it, we will do so by sticking to the previously agreed budget to start a new course with a healthy economy.

In summer in general and during holidays in particular there is no day like the previous one. For the same reason, the rate of spending suffers proportionally. As Alberto Guillén from BBVA told us, “these days it is more necessary than ever to establish a budget and maintain good control of what is spent and consumed. There are tools that help us, such as the 'My Trips' functionality in the BBVA app, which allows us to have control of vacation expenses, from our mobile and at any time”.



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