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Stop & Shop suspected Shot was a'Distressed Worker,' Authorities said

Stop & Shop suspected Shot was a'Distressed Worker,' Authorities said

21 April 2021 Wednesday 12:24
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Stop & Shop suspected Shot was a'Distressed Worker,' Authorities said

A few hundred shoppers were at the shop at that moment.

The sufferer who perished was 49-year-old Ray Wishropp, who was employed as a director, authorities said.

The natives were also a 50-year-old man and also a 26-year-old girl, authorities said. Both are recovering from the hospital, authorities said Wednesday.

Wilson, 31, was a"troubled worker" who in preceding months supposedly produced"unwanted advances" toward a female coworker, authorities said in a news conference Wednesday. Wilson also supposedly had disputes with colleagues; a few complained that he had been"threatening," police said.

Wilson's job was to collect carts at the supermarket , authorities said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Wilson supposedly went to the office and talked to a supervisor about moving to a different Stop & Shop store, authorities said.

Wilson was non-confrontational in that dialogue, but then supposedly returned to the construction 40 minutes after and opened fire, authorities stated

Wilson came back in 11:19 a.m. and moved directly into a second-floor office in which he supposedly shot the man and girl who lived, authorities said. Then he allegedly went to a different office in which he captured and killed a supervisor, authorities said.

Wilson supposedly fired seven days at five distinct individuals, authorities said.

A few hundred shoppers have been at the shop at the moment, Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder explained.

Throughout the search, police asked residents to remain inside as they canvassed the region. The West Hempstead School District was on a"lock " meaning people were not permitted into college buildings.

The gun hasn't been recovered, authorities said.

Wilson has also become the topic of two mental health crisis calls, authorities said.

He was arraigned Wednesday and remanded,'' prosecutors said. He'll go back to court Friday.

"Our hearts go out to the families of these victims, our partners, clients and the first responders who've responded heroically for the dreadful situation," he explained. "At this moment, we're cooperating fully with local law authorities on the analysis. The shop will remain closed until further notice, and we value the Long Island community's aid in this challenging time."

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated in a statement:"I am praying for the sufferers, and my heart breaks to their own families and nearest and dearest."

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