Snowstorm with Harmful blizzard conditions slams Midwest: Latest forecast

Driving could be exceedingly harmful Thursday night.

04 February 2021 Thursday 14:07
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Snowstorm with Harmful blizzard conditions slams Midwest: Latest forecast

A effective storm is attracting snow, ice, high winds and blizzard conditions into the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes on Thursday.

Snow is currently blanketing portions of Iowa and Minnesota.

Widespread, blowing snow and wind gusts around 45 mph are expected.

Driving can be extremely dangerous.

Green Bay may get 4 to 6 inches of snow, combined with 40 mph wind gusts that may result in blowing, drifting snow to early Friday.

Chicago is forecast to see two to five inches of snow, and 45 mph wind gusts causing reduced visibility and blowing snow. Temperatures will dive immediately at the Windy City, inducing any lingering wet stains to refreeze Friday morning.

The maximum snow -- roughly 6 inches -- is anticipated in northern Illinois, northern Wisconsin and Michigan.

Overnight the storm will proceed east. From Friday morning, a few places in the Northeast could begin the day with a wintry mixture before it affects to rain.

An outbreak of freezing air will creep into the northern Plains this weekend with temperatures dropped to 10 to 30 degrees below normal.

On Sunday morning the wind chill -- exactly what it seems like -- might be 20 to 50 degrees below zero over the Upper Midwest.

Thus far, the wind chill is predicted to plunge to -30 in the Twin Cities and -22 at Chicago.