Skier dies after being Discovered buried upside down in snow in Mammoth Mountain

A skier has died after being upside down in a number of feet of snow in Mammoth Mountain ski resort in California.

31 January 2021 Sunday 10:31
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Skier dies after being Discovered buried upside down in snow in Mammoth Mountain

The man had been discovered by guests of this hotel buried head at around noon on Thursday"in heavy snow near the intersection of Redwing and Hully Gully," Mammoth Mountain said in an announcement.

The Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol came on the scene, where skiers had begun digging out the guy. The ski patrol began CPR immediately and used a defibrillator since the guy didn't have a heartbeat, the hotel said.

The man was shot to Mammoth Hospital where he was declared dead.

The victim wasn't identified by police, but San Diego ABC affiliate KGTV stated that he had been a 52-year-old out of Oceanside, California, about a half hour north of San Diego.

Circumstances to the skier's death are still being researched, police said.

Mammoth Mountain stated it had obtained 87 inches -- more than 7 ft -- of snow because Tuesday.

Mammoth Mountain warned of this threat the weather introduced to skiers on precisely the exact same day that the victim was discovered, and especially alerted skiers to suffocation hazard.

Requirements are dangerous," the hotel composed on Instagram. "It takes substantial time and extreme care and attention by our staff to dig out and prepare the mountain to start the upcoming few days.

"Snow Immersion Suffocation (SIS) risk will remain a danger during the weekend -- both holiday and ski with a friend and keep your friend in sight in any way times," it added.