'Silent, you are prettier': the feminist comedy show arrives at Poliorama

Shut up you are prettier.

24 November 2022 Thursday 19:43
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'Silent, you are prettier': the feminist comedy show arrives at Poliorama

Shut up you are prettier. Show lands on November 25 at the Teatro Poliorama for the premiere of a new season of this show that already accumulates more than 30,000 spectators throughout Spain. This season in Barcelona will be the last before a change in format, as announced by the company, which will be presented next year.

The benchmark feminist stand-up comedy show in Spain was born three years ago by the comedians Jessika Rojano and Sil de Castro. With the musical support of La Maria Rosa, they decided to promote a project with the aim of solving a social need: that women have their own space and voice in the world of comedy.

After three successful years, the three comedians have shown that the world of comedy is also for women and that they are capable of making an entire theater laugh night after night. "From satires, skits and parodies, to monologues or podcasts that we consume today, comedy is one of the most important advocacy tools," say the creators of the show.

This stand-up festival saw the light of day on the stage of El Molino in the spring of 2019 and was an unprecedented sold out, hosting 50 renowned comedians such as Asaari Bibang, Eva Cabezas or Esther Gimeno. This success led to the inclusion of the show in the theater's permanent programming with the show format, which also included collaborating artists such as Eva Soriano, Leticia Dolera, Henar Álvarez, Merche Ochoa or Penny Jay, among others.

With the closure of El Molino, the comics promoted the stage of Calladitas estáis prettier. Tour, a tour of different cities in Spain such as Valencia, Bilbao and even went through the Alfil Theater in Madrid, one of the greatest exponents of stand-up in the country.

After its unquestionable success, the company of Calladitas estáis más guapas arrives at the Poliorama Theater in Barcelona on November 25 to offer the last performances of its show. However, the comics have already announced that new formats will be coming next year, so the feminist comedy project will not stop growing.



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