Salary is not everything: more resignations to achieve a better life

The experiences of three professionals who this year have decided to leave their jobs show that salary is not everything in a job.

03 October 2022 Monday 21:42
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Salary is not everything: more resignations to achieve a better life

The experiences of three professionals who this year have decided to leave their jobs show that salary is not everything in a job. Personal or family conciliation, time flexibility and respect for working hours are essential elements in a job and increasingly represent a reason for resignation for professionals in different economic sectors.

María José Aguilar (43) is going through a major life change as a result of the dissatisfaction caused by her previous job. “I worked in the communication department of a multinational in the industrial sector and the nature of the position required a lot of dedication, being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I realized that I couldn't meet these demands and that, deep down, I didn't want to either. Reconciliation was impossible and also this conception of work was not aligned with my values,” says Aguilar, who recalls how the discomfort increased when there was a change in management positions. In addition, Aguilar felt that the corporate culture was stuck in the past, with very established hierarchies that held back his aspirations.

The discomfort was growing to the point that at the end of last year it collapsed and had to spend a few months off. Upon returning, he remembers that the situation remained the same and seeing no chance of change, shortly after he made the decision to end five years of experience in the company. “Resigning was a difficult decision but there came a time when it was clear to me. I needed to rethink my life, discover new things, other ways of life. I suggested to my family that we go on a trip for a year.” To her surprise, her husband agreed, although they both agreed to cut the trip short because of their children's school needs. In the end, this summer they traveled to Ecuador and Colombia, where they carried out volunteering focused on issues of gender equality and nature. They returned to Barcelona two weeks ago and Aguilar says that she is still absorbing everything she experienced.

Looking to the future, he is clear that he does not want to go back to working in an office 40 hours a week. She plans to continue in the world of communication but working on projects as a freelancer, which will allow her to have more free time and dedicate herself to activities that she had pending. Among them, she would like to enter the publishing sector.

Adrià Izard (28) has been savoring the tranquility of working in Barcelona for a few months without the need to travel most of his time. Graduated in International Business Administration, he has just got a job as a sales executive at the start-up Travelperk, specialized in organizing online business trips. The company allows you to work from home for a good part of the week and above all, it exempts you from taking planes every two to three.

Quite a relief for the young man, who without having turned thirty accumulates a working life full of hours of transatlantic flights, weeks in hotels in multiple countries and weekends away from home. In the previous company, specialized in industrial paints, they signed him to boost the business in America. For this reason, during the first three years he was transferred to the Miami headquarters. From there he often had to travel to other cities in the United States and also to various countries in Central America. “I have calculated that he took about 100 flights a year, that he spent about 150 nights staying in a hotel. That's more than 60% outside my house,” he recalls.

The situation became unsustainable and, also pushed by personal reasons, he decided to request a transfer to the company's headquarters, located in the demarcation of Girona. Despite returning to his homeland, the work was still just as demanding. “I was taking fewer flights than in previous years, about 70 or 80 a year, but most were transatlantic, so I was still spending a lot of time away from home,” recalls Izard, who adds that he had to struggle to get telecommuting hours.

The young man was clear that he did not want to continue with that pace of life and his wish came true in the spring of this year, when Travelperk offered him a job in the sales area, where he had experience. "The salary was more or less the same level but the comfort and flexibility were much greater, so I did not hesitate to take the leap," he celebrates.

Motherhood has completely changed the life of Anna Rovirosa (34), a graduate in Business Administration and a worker in the consulting and management sector.

Like so many other women, the arrival of her son two years ago has increased her needs for family reconciliation. "I asked for flexible hours and the possibility of working remotely one day, but the company refused and, finally, last April I made the decision to resign," says Rovirosa, who worked for a company in the human resources sector. and temporary work where he had managed to climb positions in recent years.

“The company's management told me that in order to continue meeting the business growth objectives it was necessary to go to the office in person every day and keep my usual hours. But if I continued like this, I felt like a bad mother”, laments the worker.

Faced with the impossibility of improving family reconciliation, Rovirosa began to conduct job interviews and when he informed the company that he was leaving the position because he had found a new job, the company made him a counter offer to improve his salary. However, the salary increase did not pay off. “I signed for the Barcelona company Grup Montaner. It offered me salary conditions similar to the ones I had previously but I had the possibility of working from home most of the days and the option of having a flexible schedule to attend to specific needs of my son”, celebrates the employee, who now leads a life more comfortable in the town of Sitges.

The labor resignation that he has starred in this year is not the first of his professional career. In the past, he has also resigned from a funeral home because it required him to work on holidays and weekends. In the case of Rovirosa, reconciling family life with professional life is above the money that he receives in his pocket.



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