Rule well and fall badly

Or if you love it more, we can emulate that comedy by the Farrelly brothers and the title Something Happens with Sánchez.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
10 June 2023 Saturday 04:36
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Rule well and fall badly

Or if you love it more, we can emulate that comedy by the Farrelly brothers and the title Something Happens with Sánchez. Because the fact is that the current president has passed with flying colors practically everything that has been thrown at him. You know: a pandemic, a volcano, a war on European territory, inflation, the energy crisis, Catalan independence, irregular immigration and all the mess with Morocco and the Sahara... Allow me not to continue because I'm tired of thinking about it. And all this with a frenetic hyperactivity that has also brought an undoubtedly surprising amount of laws and novelties. And with a coalition Government, that thing is hairy. And without a clear or stable majority in Congress. And agreeing major labor reforms between unions, employers and the Government itself.

In short, this is not a country that makes waves for anyone, but this of the Prime Minister is still an almost paranormal phenomenon. If we summarize it in a simple way, it will be necessary to recognize that Sánchez has governed reasonably, but that he does not manage to fall well. And before you tell me that the government barely influences and that the economy is either alone or better despite the government, think about it for a moment without a prioriism or antipathy. Wow, let's park the phobias.

In these five years of government, many things have improved – I dare say objectively – but the president falls badly for a remarkable group of people who, it seems to me, must not all be abducted by the most sectarian media and the usual zitzania planters.

Must be because he is tall? Because of the diction? For those dresses that are a little too tight? For his scaffolding? Why does he speak English and international leaders smile at him? Because he doesn't look completely Spanish and very Spanish, as Mariano Rajoy would say?

He has been accused of being cold, manipulative, insensitive, among other things. Without forgetting that this Executive is basically illegitimate and that, like Zapatero, he forced democracy to get to power and will betray Spain, which is what it all boils down to. Or Sánchez or Spain, I don't know if it's a lucky motto of the Popular Party. In fact, for more than one Sánchez has already betrayed Spain, that massif of the Machadian evocation race that Ridruejo interpreted as an anti-political majority easily irritable and opposed to any change. Apathy and immobility in the latent state and enormous insolent impudence when the rage rises to the surface.

Yes, it seems pretty obvious to me, even if it is very easy to say in hindsight, that the president was wrong to accept the plebiscite on his person that the Popular Party and Vox proposed to him in the last municipal and autonomous campaign. And I also don't think he got it right with the reaction after the bad results, as if the next general elections were the real and definitive plebiscite on his person. There is a cover of Hermano Lobo from the dying summer of 1975, with Franco and the dictatorship in its penultimate breath, which was a drawing by Ramón – he signed it briefly – in which you can see a speaker clearly of the regime climbing a tribune and who calls out to the people, a group of men in berets: Either us or chaos! And the people answer him: The chaos, the chaos! And the procer replies: That's enough, it's us too.

But in a democracy, and we have been there for many years, choice is possible. And a joke based on the fact that in this country the old always have to rule no longer works.