Rodrygo also wants to stop being the revulsive of Brazil

One more World Cup Brazil does not fall in love.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
28 November 2022 Monday 13:34
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Rodrygo also wants to stop being the revulsive of Brazil

One more World Cup Brazil does not fall in love. It is something that is no longer a novelty. History has been repeating itself for decades. The soccer fan insists on believing every four years that he, this time he will, this time he will enjoy the verdeamarela again. Those who accumulate more gray hair or miss it still remember the five '10s' (with Pelé at the helm) in Mexico '70 or the precious football of Socrates and company in Spain '82, an example that you can go down in history playing good without winning

The adolescents of the beginning of the century who enjoyed Ronaldo, Ronaldinho or Rivaldo have also seen that with the passage of time that beautiful game that their parents and grandparents told them about and that they saw with their own eyes in the 2002 World Cup has faded. , for more flashes that footballers like Neymar or Vinícius contribute.

With Tite, Brazil became a more pragmatic team and that helps them to win titles from time to time, although not in the World Cup. In fact, there is a batch of young talents in Qatar (Pedri, Gavi, Musiala, Ansu Fati, Bellingham...) who have not seen the five-time champion lift the trophy. Yes, Rodrygo Goes was born, although with a year and a half of life it is impossible for him to remember Ronaldo's two goals against Oliver Kahn in the Yokohama final.

The young attacker for Real Madrid now wants to experience first-hand what it means to be a world champion. At the moment he helps the canarinha with the role of revulsion, but if his performances are similar to the one carried out in the victory by the minimum against Switzerland, the Brazilian coach will have no choice but to give him ownership. At least while Neymar is away.

In the shadow of Vinícius, more showy for better or for worse, Rodrygo is known for being a patient footballer. He always waits for his moment to show his worth. He did it in Madrid, where he is now a regular for Ancelotti - he has started 15 of the 18 games for the Whites this season - and he now wants to repeat it with the Brazilian team.

Tite brought him on as soon as the second half began to try to revitalize his team's offensive game. Moving freely in the three-quarter zone, he was a constant generator of chances. He caressed the goal without luck, but assisted Casemiro with first quality after a good triangulation started by Vinícius. An ideal shaker.

"I am very happy. It was what I had to do: go in and play well to try to help the team win the game," said Rodrygo, 21, after the match, praising the figure of his former teammate, now at Manchester United. "Casemiro does everything. I'm very happy with the assistance I gave him. We spent a lot of time together at Madrid and we always talked about this type of play."

It was not a fluke, nor is his extraordinary performance. Madrid paid 45 million to Santos in 2019 for a boy unknown to the general public. The play has gone well. Brazil also wins.