Real Madrid monopolizes the list of Vilda without Walls or Beautiful

Never has a squad list brought with it so much controversy.

30 September 2022 Friday 09:37
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Real Madrid monopolizes the list of Vilda without Walls or Beautiful

Never has a squad list brought with it so much controversy. Finally, eight days after 15 players from the Spanish team informed the federation of their plans to attend the next concentration, alleging reasons of "emotional state", Jorge Vilda announced the call for friendlies against Sweden at El Arcángel on Friday 7 October and the United States in El Sadar, on Tuesday 11.

Vilda resolved several unknowns: she does not have Irene Paredes, captain of the team, or Jenni Hermoso. Both players were not among the signatories of the mail sent to Las Rozas. But Paredes was the visible head in September when international complaints about the coach came to light.

As for Hermoso, the national team's all-time top scorer (42 goals), she spoke on Tuesday night through an extensive individual statement. In it, the Madrid attacker launched several messages: she supports her colleagues involved, although she clarifies, however, that she does not share the forms; she assures that the lack of communication has eroded the commitment; and she claims to be heard. Vilda's response has been not to count on her.

Without Hermoso and Paredes or the 15 soccer players who alleged emotional reasons for not attending the coach's call, Vilda opts for an alternative list in which Real Madrid is the team with the most representation (9 players). On the sidelines, up to six players stand out who could debut with the national team: Enith Salón, Ana Tejada, María Méndez, Ane Azkona and the only Blaugrana on the list, Núria Rábano and Salma Paralluelo. Barcelona announced that the latter will be out this weekend due to muscle problems in his right leg.


Ane Azcona Source

Oihane Hernández Zurbano

A Assumption Quiñones Goicoetxea


Marta Cardona De Miguel

Sheila Garcia Gomez

Irene Guerrero Sanmartin

Maitane López Millán


Salma Celeste Paralluelo is not a nipple

Nuria White Radish


Maria Mendez Fernandez

Alba Redondo Ferrer


Teresa Abelleira Dueñas

Ivana Andres Sanz

Olga Carmona Garcia

Athenea Del Castillo Beivide

Rocio Galvez Luna

Esther Gonzalez Rodriguez

Love Oroz Areta

Maria Isabel Rodriguez Rivero

Claudia Zornoza Sanchez


Ana Tejada Jimenez


Enith Salon Marcuello

Anna Torrodà Ricart



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