Prosecutors: The'staged' robbery at Burger King led to the shooting of the teen who was part of the plan

Niesha Harris Brazell was the teenager who was killed when a colleague opened fire on him while he was trying to rob the Burger King where she was working. This was part of a robbery plot with her best friend, who was also the daughter of the would-be robber, according to prosecutors in a criminal complaint.

14 January 2022 Friday 14:10
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Prosecutors: The'staged' robbery at Burger King led to the shooting of the teen who was part of the plan

According to the complaint, Antoine Edwards was charged with felony murder and contributing to the delinquency a child where death is a result.

According to the document, Edwards' daughter was working at the Burger King near 51st Street and Capitol on January 2, but did not initially inform investigators that what had happened that night was due to a staged robbery she planned. Prosecutors wrote that Edwards' daughter, who isn't identified in the complaint, later admitted to the plot to rob the restaurant, even though the register was likely have "lots" of money.

According to the complaint, Harris-Brazell was the one who worked the drive-thru window on that night. He would then be the one to give the money to the robber.

Edwards, 41 years old, stated that Harris-Brazell didn't hand over the money as planned. He also said it was "taking too long" so he crawled in the window.

Prosecutors wrote that "Suddenly, someone in the building started shooting so [Edwards] fled and took off with the car."

According to the complaint video evidence proved Edwards didn't fire a shot.

Prosecutors claimed that surveillance video showed Derrick Ellis, a co-worker, firing at the armed man who was reaching through the drive-thru windows. The complaint claims Ellis wasn't involved in the planned robbery.

WISN 12 exclusive video shows Edwards, the masked man who was seen leaving the restaurant, retreating into his car.

According to a criminal case filed last week, Ellis is a convicted felon who is not legal to possess a firearm. He took the shell casings out of his weapon and asked his manager if he could hide it in the safe at the restaurant. Ellis is charged with felon in possession.

Prosecutors claim that he fled from the restaurant, but he has not been captured. According to the complaint, police recovered the gun from the safe of the restaurant.

Harris-Brazell stood between Ellis and the man wearing the red hoodie at the time the shots were fired.

"The Impala driver immediately drove away, but [Harris Brazell] remains on floor, rolling around, bleeding, crying out," Edwards' complaint stated.

According to the complaint, Edwards and his 16-year-old daughter were both arrested at different locations. Edwards' daughter was not charged with any crime at the time of publication.

Prosecutors stated that Edwards, in his police statement, admitted being the Impala driver, and participated in what was to be a staged bank robbery but shielded his daughter from his involvement.

Prosecutors wrote that although he had planned to rob his daughter over the phone by calling her daughter, his daughter gave the phone to [HarrisBrazell] immediately. The plan was done between him and [HarrisBrazell], with no input from his daughter."

Prosecutors stated that Edwards, a convicted felon, confessed to using one of the guns police found at Edwards' home during his arrest as a weapon in the staged robbery. He is also charged as a felon in the possession of a firearm.



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