PGA Catalunya wants to go beyond golf

In the municipality of Caldes de Malavella there is a very particular town.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
16 December 2022 Friday 00:39
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PGA Catalunya wants to go beyond golf

In the municipality of Caldes de Malavella there is a very particular town. It is made up of 400 luxury residences, two golf courses, three soccer fields, two hotels, several vacation rental apartments, five restaurants, wellness centers, and cycling paths. It is inhabited by local golfers but above all Europeans from countries like Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Germany or Belgium.

The origins of this complex go back to 1999, when the owner of the land, which was then the RACC, allied with the PGA European golfers' association to build a golf course on the land (initially, the circuit was to be built there). Formula 1, which ended up being located in Montmeló).

The owners baptized the project with the name of PGA Catalunya, although for many people it is known as "the golf of Caldes". In 2007, the business was acquired by the Irish billionaire Denis O'Brien, who promoted the complex beyond the golf course to turn it into a small town of luxury and well-being that from today will be known by the name of Camiral Golf

“We are opening a new stage with the aim of promoting services beyond golf. Camiral is the name of our five-star hotel and also an abbreviation of 'camí ral', an old path that crossed these lands”, says the CEO, David Plana.

Post-pandemic, business is picking up shape. This year, it will overcome the losses and will bill 50.4 million euros, compared to 58.1 million the previous year. "There has been a slight decrease due to the deliveries of residences that were made in 2021 after the break in 2020," details the manager of the group, which employs a total of 460 employees.

Around 70% of the income comes from the real estate activity –construction, sale and rental of luxury residences within the enclosure– and 30% comes from the activity of the golf and soccer fields, the hotel, restaurant and Other leisure and wellness services. “Although golf continues to be our essence, we want to promote other activities, make a name for ourselves in cycling and in the rental of soccer fields. We have had Manchester City, the Mexican national team as clients and the Girona Fútbol Club is a regular”.

Plana says that the company will allocate around 8.5 million euros to recondition the fields and create an artificial lake. Soon, Camiral Golf