Paula's alleged murderer confesses that he walled up his ex-partner, who disappeared in 2014

Marco R.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 May 2023 Wednesday 10:21
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Paula's alleged murderer confesses that he walled up his ex-partner, who disappeared in 2014

Marco R., the Italian citizen arrested for the alleged murder of his ex-partner, Paula, 28, in Torremolinos (Málaga), has confessed that he walled up his ex-girlfriend Sibora Gagani, who disappeared in 2014, before his judicial statement when he Some police officers were driving, according to what the Government delegate in Andalusia, Pedro Fernández, said on Wednesday, who pointed out that he could have used acid to make the body disappear.

The alleged murderer of Paula had just refused to testify before the Police and was going to be transferred before the judge, but when he saw an image of Sibora Gagani on a board, in the police premises, he confessed to having killed her and assured that he had walled her up, according to Diario Sur announced this Wednesday. Marco verbally stated that the young woman's body was hidden between the walls of the apartment where the couple lived in Torremolinos.

In statements to the press in Granada, Fernández explained that the alleged murderer made these statements "spontaneously, without the presence of his lawyer or the judicial authority" and that later, when his lawyer was already there, he retracted.

After that first confession, even if it was not officially, the Police made an entry and search of the investigated person's home, although the body has not been located, the Andalusian Government delegate has indicated. "Unfortunately, on many occasions there are people who are in pretrial detention and say a series of things outside the presence of their lawyer or the judicial authority, or to third parties in prison," said Fernández, who has advanced that he has also said that he was able to use acid to make the body disappear.

Due to this last information that Marco R. has provided, the Police have made a new entry and search of the home with the corresponding judicial authorization to check if there is any trace of a chemical that helps to clarify what happened. "These are reprehensible and deplorable facts," said Fernández, who added that the Police, "logically", have to follow all the leads to verify if there is any type of indication that could allow us to know what has happened to Sibora Gagani.

His lawyer has assured Efe this Wednesday that Marco R. was not asked anything about this matter during his statement before the judge and that at no time was the issue of the disappeared ex-girlfriend discussed: "He did not admit anything and only answered my questions” no.

The lawyer has indicated that her client has not been charged so far with any crime for the disappearance of Sibora Gagani, although there is an ongoing police and judicial investigation, and has specified that she has requested a psychiatric and toxicological examination of her client in relation to Paula's death.

In addition, the instructor admitted, at the request of this defense, the drug addiction protocol, and that same day, within the protocol, he was tested to determine not only his possible addiction but also if he had been able to consume in the last hours.

Marco R. was arrested by the National Police last Wednesday afternoon in Torremolinos, hours after Paula's lifeless body was found with several stab wounds. The neighbors assure that before there had been a strong discussion between the two.

It was not the first time that there had been discussions and the neighbors had had to intervene and had been concerned about the woman's condition. There were no previous complaints of gender violence between the couple, but the young woman had been a user of the Andalusian Women's Institute for more than three years.

The detainee, for his part, is included in the Comprehensive Monitoring System in cases of Gender Violence, known as VioGén, due to two previous relationships, one of them even with precautionary measures.

It so happens that Sibora Gagani, ex-partner of the alleged murderer of Torremolinos, disappeared in this same town in Malaga in 2014 after breaking the relationship with him.

The young woman, Sibora Gagani, of Albanian origin and Italian nationality, moved with him to the Costa del Sol in 2011 and disappeared on July 7, 2014, the date from which her family, who reside in Italy, have not heard of her. whereabouts.