No need to put your name

They say that newly married, in the spring of 1962, she assured that her main objective was "to make her husband happy".

17 December 2022 Saturday 17:39
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No need to put your name

They say that newly married, in the spring of 1962, she assured that her main objective was "to make her husband happy". They say that she kept repeating it after her, in the first years of her marriage, while she strove to fulfill that commitment, on the other hand, instilled in so many women then.

In his case, moreover, he received a strict education, in accordance with the category of his status, which implied always remaining up to the task, no matter how hard and difficult they might be.

She followed Childcare and Child Psychology courses to be able to exercise them in caring for her children. She was very fond of music and archaeology. So much so that when she was single, together with her sister and under the tutelage of her teacher Theophanó A. Arvanitopoulou, she published two studies, today gathered in a single volume in Spanish translation, En Decelia: ceramic fragments of Decelia and archaeological miscellany (Editorial CSED , 2013).

For years, between 1962 and 1975, while her children, two girls and a boy, were being born, she posed with her husband in different photographs, which at Christmas they sent as congratulations to their closest friends and loyal supporters. They seemed like a happy couple, she always in a discreet background, although willing to collaborate and help with whatever was needed without objecting to the role of her consort. Also in that like so many other wives of the time.

In the second half of the 1970s, when they both finally assumed the roles for which they had been prepared, he must have begun to realize that his happiness, which consisted of his main task, was no longer she provided it for him, or at least not completely, less and less, then nothing. Now all of this is in the public domain, aired with luxury trumpeting by the media, previously only known in a small circle. In a society as macho as ours, having lovers has been considered a commendable display of virility, and male conquests have been applauded as merit since time immemorial.

Thus, it should be noted that she had to put up with carts and wagons, for putting him in punishment. She did it with extraordinary dignity, befitting the circumstances for which she had been brought up. Of her He always fulfilled her role, so that even he, despite having moved away from her and abandoned her bedroom coexistence, assured in an interview that she was "a great professional."

I hardly know anyone and I write a nobody that includes not only monarchists, monarchists – among whom I count myself – but also the Republicans most dedicated to their cause – I remember a column by Pilar Rahola in these same pages – who don't admire her.

We already know that he is buried very well here, as Rubalcaba said, and that on the day of his death, hopefully very far away, the compliments, praise and fanfare will be endless and will come from all walks of life. It would be worthwhile for the public to get to know his personality better and the importance he had at decisive moments in our history. Although there are various biographies, it would be worth filming a documentary about his life to record how much he has contributed since he arrived in this country, which is now his. Constancy of his elegance, his discretion, his knowing how to be, concern for the most disadvantaged, interest in the protection of animals and support for culture, especially music and poetry.

No need to put your name. You know who I mean.



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