New friction between Mbappé and Neymar at PSG

A new penaltygate is coming up in the city of light with Neymar once again as the protagonist.

14 August 2022 Sunday 14:55
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New friction between Mbappé and Neymar at PSG

A new penaltygate is coming up in the city of light with Neymar once again as the protagonist. If in the past he had it out with Edinson Cavani to see who was the official PSG penalty taker, the rooster is now more imposing. It is not about Leo Messi, the usual executor in all the teams in which he has been, but about Kylian Mbappé.

The win at the Parc des Princes against Montpellier (5-2), with a stellar performance by Neymar rounded off with a hat-trick, was overshadowed by the shots from eleven meters that brought out old rough edges between the Brazilian and the French.

In the return of Mbappé in the team, outside of physical problems the last weeks in which Neymar has been exhibited, there was apparently no obvious confrontation between the two, beyond bad faces of the footballer who gave Real Madrid pumpkins this summer in some action punctual. There were two penalties: Mbappé took the first (and missed) and Neymar the second (and scored).

The pitching order did not go unnoticed by the press. In the press conference after the meeting, Christophe Galtier discovered what awaits him in a club of divos. The new PSG coach denied any type of favoritism to Mbappé when it came to throwing maximum penalties and wanted to play down the importance of the debate.

"For this game, the order was chosen like this: Kylian shot first, so it was logical that Neymar was next. We'll see in the future," said the former Nice player, ruling Messi out of a fight that seems to interest Rosario little. .

But with Neymar football is always accompanied by something else. After the game, likes began to appear on his Twitter account to comments from fans who criticized that the first choice on penalties was Mbappé "by contract" and that in "nowhere else in the world" would the Brazilian be the second pitcher. The controversy is served.

It is not the first time that the cold relationship between the two stars has been made public. Last year, the then coach Mauricio Pochettino confessed that he had to reduce the tension between the two after, curiously, also against PSG, Mbappé was seen complaining that he never receives assists from Neymar.

It seemed that this summer they would separate their paths. Mbappé had it done with Madrid but finally backed down before a last dizzying offer from Qatar. Neymar was tried to find a way out, however, his stratospheric salary made it difficult for the top teams in European football to present interesting proposals to the Parisians.

It will be up to them, at least, to share one more year to share costumes in Paris. We will have to see what happens when a referee signals the next penalty.



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