Nashville Lawyer's license suspended after Submitting Information on getting away with murder

The attorney offered suggestions about the best way best to make a murder look like self explanatory.

25 January 2021 Monday 06:36
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Nashville Lawyer's license suspended after Submitting Information on getting away with murder

The permit of a Nashville lawyer was suspended for four decades after he submitted information about the best way best to get away with murder.

Attorney Winston Bradshaw Sitton allegedly wrote that when the girl wanted to kill her ex-boyfriend, she ought to"lure" him to her house and"assert" he broke in with intention to do her injury and she feared for her lifetime, as stated by the Tennessee Supreme Court ruling.

Sitton, whose Facebook page described as a lawyer, also highlighted in the opinion that his advice has been given"as an attorney" and when she had been"remotely serious" she ought to delete the thread, since it might be utilized as evidence of premeditation from her in trial, the court records say.

"If you would like to kill himthen tempt him into your home and assert he broke in with intention to do you physical injury which you feared for your life," he wrote. "Despite all the newest stand your ground legislation, the castle doctrine is a much safer foundation for use of lethal force."

In reaction to Sitton's remark, the girl wrote,"I wish he'd attempt," to that Sitton advised her to"keep mum about it," the records say.

According to the conclusion, Sitton had never met the girl in person but was friends with her to the social networking platform for approximately a year.

Sitton obtained a four-year suspension, 1 year old which can be an active suspension and the remainder is currently on probation.

The instance is called"a cautionary tale on the ethical issues that may befall attorneys on social networking" from the judge's view, which was composed by Tennessee Supreme Court Justice Holly Kirby.

Disciplinary proceedings aren't criminal proceeding, the court record made apparent, and he's not been charged.

Sitton explains himself LinkedIn page as a"lawyer/business adviser with extensive expertise in the health care, financial services, and entertainment businesses."

"I adamantly contest the finding my gratuitous commentary given to some lady, that was threatened and mistreated and harassed by her son's dad, was legal guidance concerning the way to perpetrate a crime or in any manner shattered my lawful obligations as either a taxpayer or as a lawyer," Sitton wrote.

"We concur with Mr. Sitton which it's not easy to conceive of any reason why a lawyer, any attorney, would provide directions on the best way best to commit murder and period a concocted defense," Kirby's judicial ruling said.