Nail stickers: the cheap and quick solution to show off a perfect manicure for weeks

The traditional manicure requires time and dedication to do and maintain.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
31 March 2024 Sunday 10:30
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Nail stickers: the cheap and quick solution to show off a perfect manicure for weeks

The traditional manicure requires time and dedication to do and maintain. You have to find the time to sit down and sometimes it can be a difficult task. You can also choose to visit a manicure center once a month to get semi-permanent or gel nails, but this will cost you.

Don't worry! We have the ideal solution to show off a perfect, cheap, long-lasting and impeccable manicure: nail stickers. This is a simple option with which you will not have to worry about layers of paint, nor that it looks homogeneous, simply applying a nail sticker will reduce your time and effort.

If you are thinking about doing something different to your nails this spring, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we tell you how you should apply nail stickers and we propose different models so you can find your favorite design. Choose the ones you like the most and personalize your manicure.

If you don't like drawings and decorations, we suggest this pack of 224 stickers. You will find a wide variety of colors to choose from to do your manicure. Placing them is very simple and they are long-lasting, so that you have perfect nails like the ones on the first day for two or three weeks.

If you like decorated manicures, you should choose this pack of 20 sheets of nail stickers. You will have many different designs in your hands so you can change them and show off perfect and fun nails. In addition, animal print is trending again and with this pack you will have a very fashionable manicure.

Catrice's Neon Blast nail polish sheets, in neon pink and coral tones, ensure stunning nails. They are self-adhesive and come in 8 different sizes for quick and easy application. You only need a nail file to give them the desired shape. Create a unique and long-lasting manicure that will definitely turn heads!

NOOVES Premium Precured Gel nail sheets offer durability up to 3 weeks without wear or peeling. Their self-adhesive design facilitates quick application without the need for glue and they are very resistant to bumps, scratches and contact with water. With a wide variety of shades, they easily adjust to the size of your nails and are toxic-free for a safe experience.

In this pack of nail stickers you can choose from a wide variety of flowers to complement your manicure. Includes 12 sheets of stickers with butterflies, flowers and phrases with which you can decorate your nail and welcome spring. As it is a decoration, you can apply it to the nail you prefer and it will make your manicure stand out. The materials used are ecological and for all types of skin and its application is very simple.

Very easy to put on, with surprising durability and lots of shine. These are these Oh My Nails Stickers Glitter nail stickers that you will find available in many colors. The perfect way to give personality to your manicure quickly, easily and without the need for polishes or waiting times.

This pack of stickers for your nails will give you style and elegance. Includes 22 very shiny pieces made of semi-cured gel in different sizes. Includes an orange stick to perfectly adapt the stickers to your nails and a file to outline them.

If your thing is to change and have a manicure that stands out, this pack of 16 sheets of nail stickers is for you. It is a pack with many different designs, very colorful and with a spring feel that you will love. Additionally, on Amazon you will find other packs from the same brand with more sober or daring prints.