Moreno, with the incorporation of Bosquet to the presidency of Ifapa, completes the absorption of Cs

New signing and new controversy.

25 October 2022 Tuesday 11:33
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Moreno, with the incorporation of Bosquet to the presidency of Ifapa, completes the absorption of Cs

New signing and new controversy. If today the rumors of the latest incorporation of a former senior citizen position to the Andalusian Government materialized with the appointment to the Government Council of Marta Bosquet, who was president of the Parliament in the previous legislature, as president of the Ifapa (Andalusian Institute of Agricultural, Fisheries, Food and Ecological Production Research and Training), the orange formation warned the PP-A from Madrid that they could be committing a crime if, as Voxpópuli points out today, the popular have taken over the base of data of the militants of Cs.

"That they cease" in their "corrupt practices" in the autonomous community where the oranges no longer have representation, requested Cs, all the time that Guillermo Díaz, one of their deputies in Congress, declared that they would study adopting legal measures against them. This accusation has been "flatly" denied by the PP-A itself shortly after the controversy became known.

But already in Andalusia, Bosquet's return to politics and the position that has been entrusted to him has generated reactions of all kinds. On the one hand, the satisfaction of the PP for getting one of the most visible faces of Cs in the previous legislature to join its project and, on the other, the discontent of the left. It has been the deputy spokesman for Andalusia in Parliament, José Antonio Delgado, who has advanced that he would ask the Agriculture Commission for explanations for this appointment, considering that Bosquet does not meet the "curricular suitability" to hold the position, as well as criticizing that Moreno is turning the Board into a "placement agency."

In this line, Toni Valero, general coordinator of IU Andalucía, also spoke, who has declared that President Moreno Bonilla "is using the public positions appointed by the Junta de Andalucía to buy those members of Cs at a bargain price". "This is an absolute shame," "if the PP wants to buy members of Cs, it should do so by placing them in PP positions, therefore, in charge of the PP accounts." "It is not acceptable that among all Andalusians we are paying for this dismantling and purchase of Cs by Moreno Bonilla," he concluded.

It has been the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Carmen Crespo, who has guaranteed the "suitability" of Bosquet to occupy the presidency of Ifapa, an agency dependent on her department. "He is a sufficiently well-known person, with a broad curriculum", who was a spokesman for Cs on Agriculture during his time in the Andalusian Parliament, in addition to the fact that "he is from Almería, he knows the sector perfectly" on which the Ifapa focuses and "has worked" with it.

In addition, Crespo has highlighted that the new president of Ifapa has "20 years' experience as a practicing lawyer", for all of which "she is an ideal person, from the point of view of this government, to deal with Ifapa , a center that is essential for research decisions on agri-food, fishing and agricultural issues that she knows very well", according to the counselor in reference to Marta Bosquet, who, as she has settled, "collects all the necessary requirements to occupy this position".

Bosquet thus becomes the last signing that the PP makes among the ranks of Cs, although she had left the military in the orange formation due to "disagreements" with the team some time ago. It was last week when the incorporation of the former leader of Ciudadanos, Juan Marín, to the presidency of the Economic and Social Council of Andalusia materialized, an appointment that also raised blisters among locals and strangers and that Marín settled with a simple: "I don't care if someone in Cs has been upset”.

Bosquet and Marín join the adhesions of the Minister of Employment Rocío Blanco, who is now also in the national leadership of the PP; the exconseria Rocío Ruiz, who is in the Audiovisual Council; and the parliamentary spokespersons Sergio Romero and Teresa Pardo, who hold positions in the Cádiz Youth Institute and in the Málaga Justice Delegation, respectively.



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