Moreno announces tax cuts, his commitment to the green economy and the reinforcement of public health

Juanma Moreno, president-elect of the Junta de Andalucía and the only candidate proposed to re-edit the position in this XII Legislature, has started his speech in the first session of the investiture debate highlighting his intention to govern for the majority "with head and heart" thus as well as making dialogue with the opposition and consensus the essential tools in its management.

20 July 2022 Wednesday 09:48
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Moreno announces tax cuts, his commitment to the green economy and the reinforcement of public health

Juanma Moreno, president-elect of the Junta de Andalucía and the only candidate proposed to re-edit the position in this XII Legislature, has started his speech in the first session of the investiture debate highlighting his intention to govern for the majority "with head and heart" thus as well as making dialogue with the opposition and consensus the essential tools in its management. “I am going to govern with courage,” he pointed out.

Among its star proposals are the strengthening of public services (health, education and dependency care), tax reform and administrative simplification, all supported by "serious and realistic" 2023 Budgets "adjusted" to the "difficult current economic situation.

It is the first time that the popular party is backed by an absolute majority in the Chamber, where his party occupies 58 of the 109 seats that make up the Andalusian Parliament, so his inauguration, which will take place next Saturday 23 , is assured even if the rest of the formations decide to vote against it. The 'no' will be the option chosen by the confluence of the left Por Andalucía and Adelante Andalucía, while PSOE-A and Vox have not yet announced the direction of their vote, although both formations have criticized the "complacent" speech of the elected president.

It will be tomorrow, Thursday, when the parliamentary groups intervene in the debate and decide whether or not to support Moreno's candidacy with their vote.

Juanma Moreno wanted to convince the Chamber to support his candidacy, arguing that his aim is to govern for each and every one of the Andalusians who live in the region, whether or not they are related to his political color, and has assured that "Andalusia will seek its own way". The family and the "defense and protection" of her well-being is the backbone, she has said, of all the initiatives that she wants to undertake with her next government team within her "reformist" agenda.

Thus, the popular has announced that it will continue along the path that began in the previous legislature, stating that it will continue with its fiscal policy (of up to 260 million euros) based on lower taxes so that Andalusians "have more money in their pockets”, a way, he pointed out, to help them overcome the difficulties caused by the rise in the price of energy or the basic shopping basket caused by the rise in inflation. Among the initiatives in this area, the abolition of the water canon has stood out.

On the other hand, the South will become "a fiscally attractive region for investment" that leads to the generation of new jobs. "The economy and employment are the great concerns" of citizens, while inflation "is the enemy."

Regarding employment, Moreno has reiterated his support for self-employed workers and has underlined his "sensitivity" towards this group that has "great importance" in the productive fabric. On the other hand, another of his commitments is to deflate the personal income tax rate in the first three income brackets, and increase the amounts that are exempt from personal income tax in application of the personal and family minimum corresponding to the regional bracket.

In addition, it has reiterated its intention to value industrial projects that advocate sustainability, "industry 5.0" that generates "value, employment and productivity".

The change in the regional financing model, the participation of the communities in European funds or the implementation of a package of measures against the crisis that is "coherent", have been other points addressed and will be some of the claims that will take next week to the president of the central government, Pedro Sánchez, at the meeting they will hold on Thursday.

The Circular Economy law that was paralyzed with the call for elections will be one of the first issues that will be launched when the new government team begins to work, a line that will be transversal in its management in favor of environmental care.

Moreno has stressed that the commitment to green policies that revert to the generation of quality employment, and has announced that one of its objectives is "to be sovereign in energy so as not to depend on other countries" taking into account the "privileged situation of the region ”. “We have the capacity to supply the energy we consume” only “with renewables”, and he has advanced that he hopes that the community can export this energy outside the margins of the region by betting. The commitment to green hydrogen is one of the strengths of this Government.

At this point, the popular has wanted to mention the difficulties of the agrarian world caused by the drought since he has determined that this will be "the legislature of water", committing himself to claim and complete the hydraulic works that are pending. On tiptoe, in this case, he has gone through the demand of the farmers of the Northern Crown of Doñana, although he has stated that he will find "a definitive, clear and legal solution" for these workers.

The agricultural sector, whose work has been seriously undermined by the lack of rain and by an "unfair CAP" has occupied a good part of the investiture speech of Juanma Moreno, who has asked Sánchez to rectify and listen to the field workers.

“Public healthcare is our heritage”, declared the president-elect, and “protecting it” is a duty. Moreno has announced more public employment positions in the health sector as well as his intention to give continuity to the construction of new facilities that improve patient care. But his proposal does not end here, but rather he has promised to "modernize the primary care model", the link most affected by the pandemic, managing to reduce the average waiting time to a maximum of 48 hours so that Andalusians can be cared for by their family doctors.

Among other measures, such as the Wi-Fi connection or free television in hospitals, the leader of the popular Andalusians has announced the improvement in the cancer prevention program. Thus, lung cancer screening and cervical cancer screening will be launched, and the age of women in terms of breast cancer screening will be lowered, whose first check-ups will be made after 40 years.

On the other hand, it has promised to reduce the average waiting time to a maximum of 48 hours so that Andalusians can be seen by their doctor in Primary Care.

Likewise, he continued, the pandemic has highlighted a problem that already existed and on which a firm commitment had been demanded: Mental Health. In this sense, it has announced that the service will be strengthened and expanded, as well as paying special attention to young people and adolescents who need care of these characteristics.

In addition to listing the actions carried out in the last legislature and the commitments made in terms of education, Moreno has insisted on redoubling the effort in Vocational Training where young people can have direct access and contact with the business world and the market. labor. Here he wanted to highlight the launch of the Integrated Public Center for Aerospace Professional Training in La Rinconada, Seville, which will bear the name of the deceased director Javier Imbroda.

He has also announced that the improvement works in educational centers that began in the last legislature will continue to be carried out, as well as insisting on free schooling for children between 0 and 3 years of age. In university stages, he has highlighted the scholarships that will continue to be awarded to help students in this formative stage.

And, finally, it has announced that it will present an Andalusian Youth Decree Law that advocates for training, employment and access to housing for this group.

Moreno, with a speech lasting almost an hour and a half, has assured that he will exercise his "new majority" with "head and heart" so that it is not a brake, and has asked the rest of the political groups to open up to dialogue and consensus, and that, despite the fact that they may be "tempted" to carry out "absolute opposition", they put the interests of the population as a whole before the ideological ones.

Juanma Moreno can count on the 5 votes against from Por Andalucía and two more from Adelante Andalucía. The lefts thus unite to show their disagreement with the policies carried out by the popular in the previous legislature, a management that both Inmaculada Nieto (PorA) and Teresa Rodríguez, have described as disastrous and detrimental to the bulk of Andalusians. Both leaders agreed today on the lack of concrete proposals from the president-elect.

Nieto, likewise, has assured that in the new political period that his party is now opening, he wants to avoid "sterile confrontations" with the Government, although he has affirmed that "we have missed concrete measures that can already be of use to family homes. , the self-employed and small and medium-sized companies to alleviate the current situation, impacted by the effects of the war in Ukraine.

For his part, Rodríguez has reproached the president-elect for not making "clear proposals in the face of the social and economic urgency" in Andalusia. "With the triumphalism in the economic data, the only thing we will do is fall into the same mistakes, such as placing only agriculture and tourism as strategic sectors in our economy and even identifying our identity and our way of being with a model of growing tourism, In other words, as Andalusians we are very friendly and very hospitable, because our fate is to be a waiter", he added.

The decision of the Andalusian socialists and the far-right party has not yet been revealed. Macarena Olona, ​​parliamentary spokesperson for Vox (with 14 seats), confirmed that she would wait to hear Moreno's speech to take sides for or against his investiture. "Our job is not to hinder" but rather to get the legislature "started as soon as possible," she said. However, after the investiture debate she has indicated that Moreno has offered a "self-satisfied" debate.

For his part, the leader of the PSOE-A, Juan Espadas, whose initials occupy 30 seats in the Chamber, has not shared with the public the position he will adopt tomorrow. “You shouldn't take written speeches without attending to the opportunity to listen to who is going to be president of the Board”, he said yesterday. The Sevillian expressed his wish that Moreno today unravel a "government program" that is attached to the "real problems" of the Andalusians, however, after his intervention, Swords has felt disappointed. "He is far from the crude reality and the problems that Andalusian society is experiencing," he determined.

Starting at 10:00 on Thursday, the second session of the investiture debate will start. On this occasion, the parliamentary groups will be able to intervene and position themselves.

The participation of the groups will be from the lowest to the highest representation obtained in the elections, so that the spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía and member of the Mixed Group, Teresa Rodríguez, will begin; which will be followed by the spokeswoman for Por Andalucía, Inmaculada Nieto, and the spokesperson for Grupo Vox, Macarena Olona, ​​in a first section.

At 4:00 p.m., it will be the turn of the president of the PSOE-A Group, Juan Espadas, and the spokesman for the Popular Group, Toni Martín.

The spokespersons of the groups will have a first turn of 30 minutes and the candidate for investiture will be able to respond to each of them for the same amount of time. They will also have a reply turn and Moreno a doubling turn, in both cases for ten minutes. In any case, the candidate may speak as many times as she requests.

The vote will not take place before 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, according to the president of Parliament, Jesús Aguirre, before the Board of Spokesmen. For his election, the candidate must obtain an absolute majority in the first vote, something that Moreno is guaranteed with the 58 deputies of the PP-A Group.



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