Montplet alcohols, disinfect and much more

Alcohol sales skyrocketed during the pandemic.

20 September 2022 Tuesday 01:41
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Montplet alcohols, disinfect and much more

Alcohol sales skyrocketed during the pandemic. A great disinfectant, it was the basis of many cleaning products, protagonists in homes and businesses during 2020. That year, the Barcelona distributor Alcoholes Montplet saw revenues shoot up to 60 million euros. In 2021, the figure normalized – falling to 44.5 million – but this 2022, the firm expects to grow strongly again, 27%, to 56 million euros.

Historically, the company has been dedicated to the distribution and storage of industrial alcohol. It acquires the raw material from foreign suppliers – from France, Pakistan or Guatemala, where alcohol is obtained from sugar cane, cereal or beet – and sells it to industries in the pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, chemical and liquor fields.

Since 2017 – the year in which Vanessa Montfort acquired the shares from the rest of the family members – the company has begun a diversification process. “I decided to split the company and create the company Laboratorios Montplet, specialized in the packaging of disinfection products for pharmacies and hospitals”. Among them there is pure alcohol, but also a production line for chlorhexidine. We market it through our own brand or under orders from third-party brands. We have as clients the hospitals attached to the Institut Català de la Salut (ICS) and also pharmaceutical cooperatives, ”says the directive.

Montfort comments that this new company has launched a third division specializing in the production of insect repellents. “We are one of the main Spanish producers, we work for big brands in the sector. We are also betting on manufacturing them in a sustainable way”, says the owner of the company, which employs a hundred workers at the Verneda headquarters.

In the future, the group wants to continue betting on the introduction of new products in the market and its growth abroad. For now, 30% of its income already comes from the international market, from countries such as France or Portugal. Also from Morocco or Algeria, African countries where there is less competition than in the rest of Europe. However, with the commitment to disinfectants, Montplet now wants to grow in northern Europe.



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