Montjuïc is already vibrating with an unleashed Barça

Montjuïc already has an elf.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
16 September 2023 Saturday 04:21
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Montjuïc is already vibrating with an unleashed Barça

Montjuïc already has an elf. It's already funny. It's not that far away anymore. It doesn't look so complicated anymore. With Barça beating Betis it even seems like it is going downhill instead of uphill. Because led by an exciting João Félix, who excelled in his presentation to his fans, Xavi's team completed a fun, offensive and vibrant performance. The Portuguese scored a goal, participated without touching the ball in another, and was a demon. Next to him, Cancelo shone, who also scored on his first day in front of the Barcelona parish. They were not the only ones, as the win was completed by Lewandowski, Raphinha and Ferran Torres, who broke the Blaugrana's bad streak in terms of free-kick goals.

Barcelona's clapping and palpitations skyrocketed at the Olímpic. While waiting for what Madrid does against Real Sociedad, Barcelona looks at the classification from above.

Because struggle and work can be acquired but talent cannot. You have the talent. And when talent is added to struggle and work, the result is a footballer who wants to please, to rebel, to vindicate himself. Translated to the night of Montjuïc, João Félix. The playmaker loaned on the last day of the market by Atlético to Barça lost his temper in his first start as a Blaugrana. The Portuguese was one of the great novelties in the lineup of a Xavi who fulfilled his promise. He had anticipated that there would be changes and there were. Félix was accompanied by his compatriot João Cancelo, who showed himself like a motorcycle in terms of power and intensity, in an eleven where Ferran Torres also appeared after his notable start to the season. From revulsive to starter for a game that anticipated, above all, football.

The rival, Betis, lent itself to this, with a defense with Blaugrana roots (Bellerín, Bartra, Riad and Miranda) and a formation with players like Marc Roca or Isco.

The battle for the ball was therefore one of the keys and from the beginning the ball only had one owner: Barça. Biting the pressure with Gavi, with Oriol Romeu or with a hypermotivated João Félix, Barcelona was tired of recovering balls and distributing them intelligently. Balde struck on the left, as explosive in attack as he was hesitant in defense. Felix moved freely. Ferran Torres stepped into the area. He was looking for the Lewandowski gap.

The public, present in large numbers and with a good atmosphere at the Olímpic, was fueled by expectations and, however, those who first came close to celebrating were the Betis fans. Because? Because Luiz Henrique lowered a ball with his chest and finished crosswise. His shot passed very close to the base of the post.

Barça was saved and shortly after the Blaugrana's first goal would arrive. Cancelo pressed so that Betis lost a ball, Oriol Romeu filtered a pass into the heart of the area and João Félix finished first. His shot was repelled by a defender but in a second effort the Portuguese made a subtle touch, went around the goalkeeper and scored with a cross shot. He celebrated it in a big way and even more so did an unleashed Cancelo. Hungry footballers as they join the team.

In the middle of the Blaugrana flood, the second arrived. The neat Christensen went up and put a ball in that João Félix let pass under the legs so that Lewandowski was left alone in front of the goalkeeper. The Pole did not forgive. How grateful the gunner is to have more partners in the vanguard. Well stocked is another and joy spread across his face.

Everything was going in favor of the work, despite Bucket's mistakes behind. Luckily for Barcelona, ​​an immense Ter Stegen prevented Betis from closing the gap with a providential hand. Willian José is still cursing the German goalkeeper.

Of course, Barça was able to go into the break with a third goal after a tuya-mía between Ferran Torres and João Félix, which ended with a shot from the penalty spot by the Portuguese that was thwarted by Rui Silva. The Betic goalkeeper was injured and Vieites had to come on.

Pellegrini, on his 70th birthday, tried to activate Betis' reaction with another ex-Blaugrana like Abde who debuted in green and white. But what came was a goal from a free kick from Barça. Yes, a free kick goal. Ferran Torres nailed it from behind the crescent of the area. Montjuïc vibrated with its Barça.

And more so than when Raphinha materialized the fourth single into action, alongside Lamine Yamal and Gündogan. A good injection of confidence also for the Brazilian, who needed it. That was already a party of passion, of dynamite, of play, of positive vibrations. To round out the evening, a bicycle, a cut and a great goal from Cancelo.

Go up, go up to Montjuïc. It's not that far away either. It's not that difficult either. And even less if Barça continues like this.