Mia, the first Oysho 3D fitness trainer that will get you to meet your challenges

After the return of the summer holidays, the great resolutions arrive to face the new course.

12 September 2022 Monday 09:46
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Mia, the first Oysho 3D fitness trainer that will get you to meet your challenges

After the return of the summer holidays, the great resolutions arrive to face the new course. One of them is to get in shape, a true dream if, to achieve it, it is not necessary to set foot in the gym. This is possible if we take advantage of fitness applications, which today are much more than a trend. And it is that, at present, it is almost impossible to separate sport from technology.

Sports applications allow us to save time and money, in addition to personalizing training, having the advice of experts in multiple disciplines and recording our progress and an infinity of health parameters, multiplying our challenges. With the aim of connecting with the brand community, Oysho has launched the Oysho Training app, where you can find more than 300 fitness, yoga and running workouts. Three disciplines that are the stars of sports apps around the world.

Along with Spain, the application can be downloaded in eight other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Turkey. In addition, the app has classes in four languages: Spanish, English, Italian and French. As with the internationalization of the brand, this bet fits perfectly in the ranking of the 20 fitness trends in Spain and the world. According to the latest National Survey of 2022, personal training, monitoring of results and the use of exercise apps for mobile devices stand out for another year.

Unlike other types of tools, Oysho Training stands out for making the lives of its users even easier, facilitating the practice of sport and extending it. The app features Mia, the first virtual trainer in a sports application, a 3D avatar that helps us perfect the technique in augmented reality (AR) format, in such a way that it is easier to understand each of the steps to follow . But Mia is not the only expert available who improves any progress.

Oysho Training content has been created by international trainers, with training plans filtered by level, duration and intensity. In this way, all users, from the most beginners to those who have reached the expert mode practicing sports, can find a plan made to measure for them. This idea of ​​covering all audiences is also demonstrated by the availability of the app.

This innovative tool has been conceived to rid us not only of laziness, but also of any excuse that limits our good intentions: it offers the possibility of training anytime, anywhere, as well as being able to download sessions offline. To facilitate this connectivity and take training wherever we are, Oysho Training can be used on different devices, whether mobile, tablet or television through AirPlay or Chromecast.

In addition, as in any plan that seeks success, you have to follow up. With the smartwatch version, users of the new Oysho app can record physical activity with metrics that help improve physical performance such as ppm (beats per minute), kcal (kilocalories), pace or distance covered, in the case of the running. For experts, knowing how we feel and what we are achieving with the practice of exercise is a passport to meet the challenges.

In creating this app, Oysho has taken diversity into account, one of the characteristics of the brand's community. This means that the more than 300 workouts available in its sports application are made up of sessions made up of fitness classes, yoga and, in the case of running, with pre- and post-race sessions; along with Live Sessions or live training and Special Sessions, the name given to classes in disciplines that are trending.

Also, other pillars of the different types of training that can be found at Oysho Training are the programs, made up of complete routines organized by days; the How To section, where explanatory videos are collected to perfect the technique that costs us the most, and the challenges, that is, all those challenges to join in order to advance in sports practice. Knowing all this, it is only possible to take the first step. Download it on your device and improve, train and enjoy.



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