Messi's landing in Miami, the solution to the Hollywood writers' strike

Lionel Messi's career has been a true movie, but his last 33 days are Emmy-worthy.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 August 2023 Thursday 10:29
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Messi's landing in Miami, the solution to the Hollywood writers' strike

Lionel Messi's career has been a true movie, but his last 33 days are Emmy-worthy. While on the other side of the United States the writers' strike in Hollywood is almost 4 months old, in Miami the Argentine has been in charge of writing one of the best series of the season. Heart-stopping endings and script twists are part of everyday life in this production.

After years of failures with the national team and having won everything with Barça, the '10' wrote an unreal story in which he first won a Copa América and had his claim to the top of the planet by winning the World Cup. Until then it was a perfect ending to take to the big screen, but now Messi presents his sequel.

A series set in the exotic magical city of Miami, in which the protagonist leads the worst team in the country to glory. With appearances by previous leading men in Lionel productions, such as Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, and new forays into stardom for Robert Taylor, Drake Callender and Leonardo Campana.

The first chapter showed us the new facet of the protagonist. A more humane and close, in which going to the supermarket with the family becomes world news. He also raised a pink shirt, in the middle of the rain and twenty thousand people chanting his name. And the episode closed with a perfect ending. The protagonist made his debut, coming on from the bench and scoring the winning goal at the last minute. He from a free kick and at the angle. In Hollywood they would never dare.

The following week was the consolidation. The protagonist scored his eighth goal in five games to lead his team to the first final in history, while a question arose for the outcome: will it be a happy ending or a frustrated new final? But with the eyes of the future it is now clear that the scriptwriter got tired of losing finals. This new production focuses on a life of absolute happiness.

But that doesn't mean there isn't drama. Not everything is rosy in the adventures of Inter Miami, although the team's shirt indicates otherwise. The final opened with a goal from the main character, but not just any goal, one of 10, a dream, from a movie. However, a tragedy sent everything to the definition from 11 meters, in which the protagonist gave up the camera to his goalkeeper. A Drake Callender who became a giant.

Thus came the ecstasy. A team that had been navigating the mud a few months earlier was now lifting a cup for the first time in its history. But the protagonist did not forget those who came before him, and the chapter closed as he handed over the captain's ribbon to DeAndre Yedlin, the ship's previous leader, so that together they could lift the trophy. A picture for the history.

For now the series does not give rest. We already observe life after the first title with a new foray into the final of a tournament. With a heart-stopping 3-3, in which the protagonist's brush portrayed two assists, and which again led to penalties, Callender was once again the hero. He begins to get used to taking the focus of the camera. Inter Miami will play the final of the US Open Cup while rubbing their hands to get a new trophy.

It will be waiting if they are consecrated once more. And then, what will the season finale bring? At the moment, we know that the protagonist's team is last in their league, 14 points from the playoff positions. And rumors are already lurking that December 9 (MLS final day) could be the date of the final episode.

What is clear is that what the scriptwriter wants will happen, what Messi decides as the perfect ending for his story. And while on the other side of the country uncertainty reigns in Hollywood, Lionel's pen is still hot.