M. Eugènia Gay: "The dialogue is already bearing fruit"

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02 August 2022 Tuesday 21:48
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M. Eugènia Gay: "The dialogue is already bearing fruit"

Last January, M. Eugènia Gay (Barcelona, ​​1975) only had to cross Mallorca street to go from the Col·legi de l'Advocacia, of which she was dean, to the Government Delegation in Catalonia. But the road from the judiciary to politics is not so easy to travel. Yesterday he presented the balance of the report Fulfilling.

What advice did your predecessor, Teresa Cunillera, give you when you assumed the position of delegate?

Above all, face the situation with serenity, responsibility and rigor, and listen a lot. Promote dialogue and forge ties with all parties, especially between the Government and the Government.

How has the arrival in politics been, without prior militancy, from the legal profession?

It was a very transversal commitment of the Government of Spain. But the vocation of public service and of working for citizens and guaranteeing their rights and freedoms as a lawyer and as a delegate is the same. That's why I feel very comfortable.

Have you seen progress in relations between the governments of Catalonia and Spain?

Clearly. We are at a time when the Government of Spain is firmly committed to dialogue as a way to resolve the conflicts that arise in the different territories, such as in Catalonia. This commitment to coexistence and reconstruction and to listening to each other has been the firm will of the Government at the dialogue table.

How is it shaping up?

Agreements are being adopted that will have a specific weight for the stability of the country.

Are you referring to the reform of the crime of sedition?

There is a commitment to promote political and institutional activity within democratic parameters. And that includes reforms to advance in the dejudicialization of the conflict and bet on its resolution through dialogue. As for changes in the Penal Code, President Sánchez has already stated that the necessary majorities have not yet been achieved.

What other avenues can be explored?

Continue working on the path of dialogue, which is bearing intense fruit. Much more progress has been made in the last three years than in the last three legislatures. Coexistence in Catalonia is now a reality, and that is the result of intense and serene dialogue, which allows progress towards stability and progress for citizenship.

What would you say to the parties that are reluctant to come to the dialogue table, such as Junts, on the one hand, or PP and Ciudadanos, on the other?

That it is time to bet on reconciliation, not confrontation, which would return us to where we were three years ago. Spain was in a moment of crisis and political breakdown and the Government of Pedro Sánchez has made a monumental effort to reverse the situation. We open the doors to all those who want to join the dialogue, but obviously it is a table between governments. We must strengthen relationships.

What achievements of the central government in Catalonia stand out in the latest report Cumpliendo?

We have dedicated a lot of efforts to health and to fighting the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, with the management of the Next Generation funds, the minimum vital income or the increase in pensions as key points. The resources allocated to education and housing, aid to Ukrainian refugees and the fight against gender violence are also important.

And what goals do you set for yourself from now on?

I am committed to reinforcing the action of the Government of Spain in Catalonia. Looking to the future, the appropriate modifications must be made so that, beyond the economic measures in response to the crisis, such as the tax on banking and energy, which is a matter of social justice, Spanish legislation can be homologated, after years behind that of the most advanced European countries.



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