Lucía de la Fuente, good vibes and premieres: “Everything in my life is in tune”

Discovering a vocation and dedicating yourself to it is fortunate, but if it also appears at random and in childhood, the privilege is even greater.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 March 2024 Sunday 10:31
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Lucía de la Fuente, good vibes and premieres: “Everything in my life is in tune”

Discovering a vocation and dedicating yourself to it is fortunate, but if it also appears at random and in childhood, the privilege is even greater. This is the case of Lucía de la Fuente, who enthusiastically explains how “the profession looked for me.” She started acting as a game, when she was only 10 years old, in the series Manolito Gafotas and she hasn't stopped. Being an actress is her plan A, B and C, and she is only worried about not losing her balance if a work break comes.

For now, it literally doesn't stop. He has the thriller Tóxico about to premiere, he participates in Los Artistas (Amazon Prime) and in Serrines, Made of an Actor, with Antonio Resines, and he has had a “very crazy” few weeks in which he has just filmed Halloween Stories and has been to the festival from Málaga, where his new film, Matusalén, a crazy comedy with Julián López, Miren Ibarguren and Raúl Cimas, was presented.

You won't have been bored with that cast.

They are very funny. Raúl Cimas has solutions for everything, he is a super intelligent guy; I fell in love with him (laughs). The experience with them was great. On that shoot I had difficult days, my aunt, whom I loved very much, died. I was left without a voice for a couple of days and my dog ​​got sick. I wanted to be very focused because it is a hyperchoral movie, with plots that you don't have time to develop. Laia, my character, she has some conflicts, she starts off very shy, innocent and suddenly she launches. I was worried that it wouldn't be believable, I had to make that change understood in a single sequence.

The film addresses age prejudice and encourages connection between generations.

There is a central idea, that of fighting for what you want. But it seems that at certain ages you can no longer do it. It's a mistake. Age is a little underestimated, I think it has happened all my life. But now, that everything is going so fast, it is something that perhaps happens even more. It scares me that even children, with so much technology, stop enjoying the naturalness of their age, now they are less innocent and enter worlds that do not yet belong to them. I don't envy them anything, really.

You debuted when you were only 10 years old...

It was very beautiful and somewhat surreal too. My uncles sent a tape of me doing the turkey to a television contest and I ended up winning. Then representatives called me and my mother said no, until one day I did a casting and they chose me.

And they accepted him at home?

They admitted it from the premise of: “the moment you fail, this is over.” So I studied to be able to go filming. It was my game, my fun. It was a stimulus and that's how I combined studies and filming. Then, in high school, I had to choose and it was clear to me. I was already an actress.

Is it going as you expected?

It's what I like most in the world, but this race is complex, there is a lot of uncertainty and you have to fight with yourself to not get discouraged, know how to put things into perspective and not let the breaks crush you.

Any dream roles?

I just saw Poor Creatures and Emma Stone seems like a goddess to me, she is wonderful, the movie is brutal and I left the theater saying: Oh my God, I need to play this character!

If I could choose a co-star...

Penelope Cruz would be a dream. She is my crush. I love her. Luis Tosar also seems like a great to me, I would like to meet him again. There are so many amazing people!

You have worked with Álex de la Iglesia, Antonio Resines, Carmen Maura... What advice do you have?

Everyone has left me something. I have learned a lot. Carmen Maura told me beautiful words, she is a super inspiring and wise woman. I love Álex de la Iglesia. He is very clear about everything, he seems like a genius to me. And Resines is already a friend, he has taught me a lot about the trade and personally. In general, everyone has advised me to follow my intuition and my naturalness.

How would you define this moment in your life?

A very beautiful moment, I have fought a lot and I am reaping what I sowed last year. Very proud and eager to continue learning.

And personally?

If I feel happy with my work, the personal things become easier for me. It influences me a lot, I feel productive. I believe a lot in energies. I feel like everything is vibrating on the same page. Personally, I am very discreet.

What do you like most about yourself?

Well look, my joy. The enthusiasm, the hope that I bring to everything. I don't ever want to lose it. Everyone tells me that I am always happy and I try to have a smile for everyone. In this last shoot they put a prosthesis in my mouth and I had a terrible time, because I couldn't laugh.

Anything you would change?

Self-demand. For many things it's good for me, but for others I end up boycotting it.

What hurts you as a society?

Machismo is what can touch me most directly. We have to fight a lot and not allow attacks, raped girls, it is horrible. It unnerves me more and more, I don't know when we are going to understand that it can't continue happening, that these types of men must cease to exist.

It is growing among young people…

It's amazing, after so much struggle, it strikes me that there are young people who don't understand anything. That with so much information there are so many kids whose minds haven't clicked yet. I'm lucky, my friends are very aware. They value us and there is equality.

Any awkward episodes at work?

Luckily, it hasn't happened to me. I have an innocent part, but also a lot of character and I have always had very clear limits. I support all my colleagues who have experienced an unpleasant episode.

What irritates you about others?

Little empathy, rudeness, bad education.

What do you turn to when you are discouraged?

I am happy, but I have some low moments... Can you imagine always laughing, all day? (laughs) It would be unbearable. I like to laugh at everything and myself the first. I have a lot of dark humor, sometimes I have to apologize, because not everyone understands it. On down days what I do is go out with my friends, dance and escape, enjoy free time with them, because if I work I confine myself a lot. When my head is saturated, with many thoughts, what I do is relax. I paint watercolor, I make paintings, I give gifts to my friends. I discovered it in confinement. It relaxes me and makes me happy.

What fun do you have when you're not working?

I like to travel, escape whenever I can, to some place I don't know or one that I love. For example, to Marrakesh, or to my little house on the beach, because I love the sea. I have a connection with the sea, and I need it. Since I don't have him nearby, I run away as soon as I can.

Any beauty rituals? Sport?

Yes i take care of myself. I have a personal Thai boxing trainer, I try to stay in shape, be constant, not only for the body but for the mind. And I am super disciplined when it comes to skin care, I love applying my creams, and it is something basic for us, as we constantly wear makeup and in the end it is a waste.

What is your reference?

My mother, honestly. She is my weakness, my muse, the person who advises me, who has taught me everything. She accompanied me to all the shoots, but, poor thing, she had to hide because it made me very nervous for her to see me. We are very close, there is no look that I don't consult with before a red carpet.