Los Roca now serve their signature bikinis in the center of Girona

The Roca brothers open a new business today in Girona under the Rocambolesc label.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 September 2023 Thursday 22:26
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Los Roca now serve their signature bikinis in the center of Girona

The Roca brothers open a new business today in Girona under the Rocambolesc label. It is a "bikinería" that offers everything from the classic cheese and ham sandwich to more curious proposals such as the pastrami, Iberian or vegetable sandwich. The price of the sandwiches ranges between 5.5 and 7.5 euros and the customer can accompany them with an apple juice from the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Poma de Girona.

The opening of the new store, located at number 6 Hortes Street, at the foot of the Rocambolesc confectionery and ice cream parlor, is the brand's first foray into the savory world, as Alejandra Rivas, responsible along with the pastry chef, recalled this Thursday. Jordi Roca from the business.

"We had always moved around the sweet world and this is a great step for us, which has us very happy and excited," said the pastry chef yesterday during the inauguration of the establishment.

An event that raised great expectations among passers-by who walked around the central establishment, located between Santa Clara Street and the Peixateries Velles bridge. The place it occupies was used as a warehouse for the confectionery and ice cream parlor.

The store offers four different types of bikinis. The classic ham and cheese; the pastrami with Girona beef cooked for 72 hours at a low temperature with spices and sauerkraut; the one with Iberian ham, burrata and truffle and a vegetable proposal based on roasted eggplant, cheese and seasonal truffle.

The secret of a good bikini, explains Rivas, is having "good bread, spongy, well toasted, a touch of butter that gives it that flavor and caramelization, and having a good product inside," he explains.

A proposal that the client can accompany with an apple juice (30 cl or 40 cl) made at the moment, an apple or water. The apples used have the Poma de Girona Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) seal and the variety that will be served will depend on the time of the season.

Asked about the reason for opening a "bikinería" now, Roca responded with another question. "And why not?" He questioned himself and indicated that both he and Alejandra really like to eat this sandwich, which in other places in Spain is known as 'mixed'.

"We also wanted to continue with Rocambolesc's line of eating something fun like a bikini, which can be enjoyed on the street and at any time of the day, it always goes well," Rivas added.

The entrepreneurs do not rule out expanding the business to other parts of the country if the initiative is successful. "If it works and people like it, it can be a possibility, why not?" she said. For now, the prospects are good. "We are very happy with the reception we have had; we hope that as many people come as those who come to the ice cream parlor," said Jordi Roca.

The store will also be a great showcase for the designer Ona Carbonell, who will exhibit her line of bikinis, which she plans to begin marketing regularly in the spring of next year.

The one in Girona will be the first point of sale of a garment, which is made with sustainable material. In this way, the client can go out, if they wish, with two bikinis. One edible and one for bathing.

"It may be shocking, it's very bizarre, but that's precisely what it's about," the designer explained this Thursday, in what is her first business venture in the world of fashion.

"When they told me that they wanted to set up a "bikinería" and they would like to have bikinis for eating and swimming, we thought with my partner that it would be a good idea to start publicizing the brand, which is in the process," said Carbonell. .