Liquid spill-proof and lighter laptops arrive and invincible to hackers

84% of Spaniards would like to telework.

21 December 2022 Wednesday 00:40
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Liquid spill-proof and lighter laptops arrive and invincible to hackers

84% of Spaniards would like to telework. Of them, 23.6% admit that they would not mind doing it daily, the second highest percentage in the EU. These are the results of a study by the National Observatory for Technology and Society (ONTSI) that reveals the change in attitude of workers towards the traditional face-to-face approach.

After the health emergency of the pandemic, many companies are relocating all or part of their jobs. But implementing teleworking without compromising the security of your systems and with the maximum guarantees for your employees requires, among other factors, providing your staff with laptops with the maximum benefits. In this context of digital transition and hybrid work environments, Dynabook, Toshiba's heir Japanese manufacturer, is emerging as the perfect ally with powerful, safe and light devices.

Cyber ​​attacks on companies have multiplied in the last two years. In 2021 alone, 94% of companies acknowledged having suffered a cybersecurity incident, according to a report by the consulting firm Deloitte. One of the reasons is that portable devices at home are often more vulnerable than the desktop computer at the office. Digital security operators monitor and neutralize many of the attacks on computer systems or in the cloud. Few realize that the access door is in the vulnerability of the laptop itself.

“One of our pillars is to guarantee control of the manufacturing process and the safety of the devices. We design and manufacture in our facilities all notebooks, including the BIOS based on the current UEFI standard. This implies a security engine that includes a 50-digit password, different levels of BIOS access depending on the user, custom administration tools, and the ability to specify changes to BIOS passwords only after identity verification from us." explains Maite Ramos, CEO of Dynabook Iberia.

This additional level of security allows you to work remotely with an extra layer of security against unwanted manipulation by third parties. “For greater security, in the Tecra and Portégé ranges we have the TEMPEST ZONNING 1 certification in several of our platforms. The military, government departments, international organizations such as NATO, are some of the examples that use the TEMPEST certification, originally created by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to protect their own devices”, declares Ramos.

Precisely the undeniable risk of massive hacking linked to teleworking has skyrocketed insurance premiums. A new situation that supposes an additional cost in the annual expense account of companies, which is added to the necessary investment in quality laptops for employees. “Having a hardware provider with high security standards helps companies negotiate their cyberinsurance lower, so the final price of the laptop is very relative. Even so, our unbeatable Tecra range is the best value for money on the market,” he explains.

When companies decide to take the step towards teleworking, a new stumbling block arises: the 'microchip crisis' and endless delays in equipment deliveries. The general director of Dynabook Iberia does not hide her pride in “being part of a technological conglomerate that gives us support and provides us with a greater capacity to react. We have Guaranteed Air Logistics, since all our products come by plane. This has allowed us to deliver 95% of our orders in less than 5 weeks and the entirety in just 6. And from the first unit”.

Uncertainty in the face of repairs is another shadow when it comes to addressing equipment renewal. "Our reliability guarantee is unique in the market: in the unlikely event that one of our laptops breaks down while it is still under warranty, it will be repaired free of charge and, in addition, the amount of the laptop will be refunded," says Ramos.

This proposal is backed by a monthly failure rate of 0.11%. “It is one of our great milestones. Our failure rate is public and we offer reliability and responsibility. We are Japanese! ”, He emphasizes. To guarantee the confidentiality of the information contained in the hard drives, they offer their customers the option of a service to keep the defective or damaged ones in case they need to be replaced. Details that make their clients include military institutions, laboratories, engineering corporations or ministries from various countries.

Sometimes the problem is not malware, but liquid accidentally spilled on the keyboard while working on the train. Or in a laptop that ends up on the floor because it slips when we get out of the car. “We know that these unforeseen events happen. That's why some of our laptops feature Spill-resistant Keyboard, spill-resistant keyboards that protect system damage from accidental spills. If that happens, users have enough time to save the data and turn off their laptops. It also protects the system by increasing the time it takes for a spilled liquid to reach the laptop's main circuitry,” Ramos points out. Before, these incidents damaged the main circuit and all the connected elements, with the consequent general failure of the system.

One of the common complaints of those who work on the go is the weight of the laptop and the back discomfort it generates. In Dynabook they have taken note and manufacture the chassis of the Portégé ranges with magnesium with a honeycomb structure. “We achieved a lower weight, greater resistance and better cooling than any other material on the market”, declares Ramos. Without going any further, the Portégé X40L model is the lightest 14” Intel® Evo laptop on the market (1.05 Kg). This model also integrates anti-reflective MATE IPS screens with Eyesafe® certification against blue light, one of the risk factors for ocular degeneration.

Despite their lightness, they are tremendously strong devices. Before launching them on the market, “they are subjected to very rigorous extreme tests. Between them, they are thrown from a meter high to verify that they continue to function without problems”. They also withstand extreme temperatures (40℃ to 0℃) at 90% humidity. "Excellent news for those who, in addition to working outside the office, do so outdoors and in very demanding weather conditions," insists Ramos.

Technology details that make these laptops great allies for the worker, but with the security and reliability guarantees that the company environment demands. A win-win for everyone that allows us to pass the digital challenge with flying colors.



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