Key considerations to keep in mind for lanyard custom wristbands

Key considerations to keep in mind for lanyard custom wristbands

11 September 2019 Wednesday 17:33
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Key considerations to keep in mind for lanyard custom wristbands

Did you know that custom wristbands are all about the branding? It is not just a souvenir that is quite a fashion accessory. Your favorite nightclub has one, and so do most of the events and the celebrations these days.

Now, if you are looking to custom design wristbands for an occasion, you need an expert service like the lanyard custom manufacturers. If you are concerned about the design, here are a few expert tips for you.

Keep in mind the material of the wristband

The primary consideration while designing wristbands is always the material. Each material has its pros and cons, so here is what you need to keep in mind.

#1 Tyvek wristbands

This is a widespread material when it comes to designing wrist bands. However, you need to avoid fine lines and intricate designs with Tyvek, since the design will bleed into the material.

#2 Vinyl wristbands

As a material for wristbands, vinyl feels thicker, but you have the advantage of a higher degree of support when it comes to designing and detailing.

#3 Plastic wristbands

Plastic, clubs the pros of Tyvek and vinyl bands. But do keep in mind the quality of the plastic in use.

#4 Silicone wristbands

Silicone wristbands are durable, and thus, they see a significant amount of use for events and charities. Here you can emboss, deboss or silkscreen your logo, motto, or campaign message onto the band with outstanding detailing.

The color consideration

There are various color considerations to take into account. You can go for matching colors with the theme of the event. Often multiple events and programs are represented by a particular shade of color, so you need to design the band accordingly. Contrasting colors play well together like blacks and neon greens to make the wristband stand out as a fashion accessory at a club or music festival. Keep in mind that the choice of the color might get limited by the material in use. But, you still have ample room for customizations.

Keep in mind the DPI

DPI or the Dot per Inch index is the number of dots per square inch which is the measurement of resolution. Images from the internet usually have a fixed 72 DPI, but for a sharp image, you need at least 300 DPI or more. Also, make sure to avoid JPEG and GIF files since they are ill-suited to be used a wristband logos and images.

The placement is vital

After you have selected an image or a logo file with the proper DPI, it is time for the placement of the same on to the wristband. Here is a standard industry trick for you. Make sure that the most crucial elements of your logo or the brand are to the left side of the wristband. If the message is to the right, then it will, for sure, get covered by the left when the wearer puts them on.

Lastly, here is a trick to save you from anxiety. Always make ample room for time constraints while customizing wristbands. The design brainstorming process takes time, so does the manufacturing and the delivery. There might be revisions necessary, as well. So, plan in advance and make sure you have at least a month to make the customizations go smooth.



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