Junts and the vertigo of the day after

Pere Aragonès has no interest in fighting to keep Junts in the Government.

29 September 2022 Thursday 17:31
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Junts and the vertigo of the day after

Pere Aragonès has no interest in fighting to keep Junts in the Government. He is fed up. And his team is ready to manage "whatever comes out" of the executive and the consultation with the Junts militancy next week. In ERC, certainties prevail: "We have a president and we will govern." They have put lights to indicate to their still partners where the exit door is and assume the consequences. Aragonès did it on Tuesday at the Parlament and on Wednesday at the Gothic gallery of the Palau when he fired Jordi Puigneró.

In Junts there are only questions: When a party leaves the Government, what happens the next day? The debate in the executive swung between pit i collons due to wounded dignity and the consequences of a hasty departure from the Executive. Can Junts survive without the Govern's army? The answer does not lie (only) in the salaries of senior officials –which also– but in the usefulness of their political offer in a serious socioeconomic context and in the mantle of power that the ministries offer to the municipalities at the gates of elections municipal. Inaugurations, projects, aid, shaking hands, smiling... Tying support for your mayor is also anchoring Junts' political project, veterans recall.

Public speakers are lost, the president is suspended, the secretary general is disqualified, the ministers are not deputies, the 32 deputies are only enough to be the third force in Parliament... Twitter proclamations do not translate into quotas of power, nor do they pay bills... Like this that, together with the "we cannot continue like this" and the "astonishment" expressed by Jordi Turull at the dismissal of Puigneró, what was heard for more than five hours at the Junts headquarters was a mixture of calls for calm and tenim pressa ; vindication of the work of Govern done and to be faced by breaking with the Republicans.

Councilors Giró, Ciuró, Geis and Cervera; Josep Rull, Damià Calvet, Toni Morral, Anna Erra, Teresa Pallarès, Mònica Sales, David Saldoni, Josep Lluís Cleries... will seek to impose a leisurely narrative. Propose pros and cons, raise the decision to the National Council and, afterwards, consult the militancy. On the other side, Borràs, Francesc de Dalmases, Aurora Madaula, Aleix Sarri, David Torrent, Toni Comín defended the goal. There they met the spokesperson Josep Rius, and the president of the parliamentary group, Albert Batet. The proposal: urgent consultation on Monday and plan to the Executive Council on Tuesday.

The pragmatic sector thought that it was prevailing in the intervention marathon but it lost camber before the final sprint of the rupturist block, sponsored by Carles Puigdemont. The former president is not part of the executive but retains spokespersons and yesterday even one invoked his name. Unanimity came by setting 72 hours of agonizing negotiation with ERC and a consultation on October 6-7 conditioned by the rush itself. And then, the vertigo of the day after... Where Puigneró is already.



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