Influencers in 'Temps de Flors'

* The authors are part of the community of La Vanguardia readers.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 May 2024 Saturday 23:22
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Influencers in 'Temps de Flors'

* The authors are part of the community of La Vanguardia readers

A new edition of Temps de Flors has started this weekend in Girona, a flower exhibition that fills the best places in the Barri Vell and other neighborhoods of the city with tourists and visitors.

Many people and, among all those people, many influencers as well, who come to Girona from different parts of the world to portray this great spring floral festival and share their images on social networks, as we see in this photographic report in The Photos of the Readers of La Vanguardia.

Climate change affects the exhibition projects of Temps de Flors, whose authors are increasingly aware of the lack of water and are less floral.

To deal with the drought, native spices or spices adapted to dry climates and dried and preserved flowers have been prioritized and will be watered only on the day of assembly with rainwater.

Girona, Temps de Flors celebrates its 69th edition with 137 floral projects spread across 109 spaces. The exhibition advances the opening and closing time, from 9:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., to adapt to visiting habits observed in recent years.

Continuing with the objective of expanding the celebration beyond the city center, this year Temps de Flors reaches 16 neighborhoods: Barri Vell, Can Gibert del Pla, Carme-Vista Alegre, Devesa-Güell, Eixample, Mas Ramada, Mercadal, Montilivi, Palau-sacosta, Pedreres-Fora Muralla, Pla de Palau-Sant Pau, Santa Eugènia, Sant Narcís, Taialà, Torre Gironella and Vall de Sant Daniel. In addition, two accessible itineraries are proposed in the Old Quarter for people with reduced mobility.