“I am excited to talk about Mallorca, it is like my family”

The sun shines in Son Bibiloni, a plot that houses the sports city of Mallorca.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
03 April 2024 Wednesday 10:31
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“I am excited to talk about Mallorca, it is like my family”

The sun shines in Son Bibiloni, a plot that houses the sports city of Mallorca. A group of children, from the club's lower categories, have fun on the grass. A tractor reminds that beyond the soccer fields everything is a field. And the imposing Serra de Tramuntana guards the area in the distance. After training, some players from the first team parade and later, after eating, Abdón Prats (Artà, 1992) appears on stage with his genuine 80s mustache and glasses that further enhance his stylish image. With a relaxed air, the idol of Majorcanism attends La Vanguardia convinced that on Saturday his team will beat Athletic in La Cartuja and win the second Copa del Rey in the history of the Balearic entity.

More than 20 years later, Mallorca can win another Cup.

He was 10 years old when he won in 2003. People who experienced it older tell you that it was something special. It transmits the excitement and nerves of that day. It's something magical to experience this again.

Who was your idol?

Samuel Eto'o And I identified a lot with Víctor Casadesús.

Now you are the protagonist.

It's a dream. I wanted to be important in my club. This Cup has always excited me. When I had little motivation I motivated myself to reach the final.

And you have been key, top scorer in the Cup with six goals.

You go to lower category fields, but I am very excited because in the end I have fought a lot to get where I am. They are excited to face a Primera. Maybe they are working in the morning and in the afternoon they confront us. Is special.

He scored the promotion goal in 2019, another key goal for permanence in 2022...Have you dreamed of scoring in the final?

You visualize the game, but I don't like to talk about it. It may or may not be me who scores. If it turns out well, but if not, let a teammate score and we can bring back the Cup. Yes, I imagine my friends, the family... The whole vermilion tide.

In the Cup he has been a starter and in the League a substitute, but he is the idol of the fans.

The people have supported me. They have been the ones who have given me the most love in difficult times. Thanks to them I am here. Leaving the fans would be what would make me most sad. I thank you for your support.

What do they say to you on the street since they got into the final?

There is positive energy. They are convinced that we will win, that it will be a party. It shocks you that they trust the team so much. It gives you peace of mind and strength.

What does Mallorca mean to you?

The feeling has grown more in the second stage, I am excited to talk about Mallorca. I'm not ashamed to say it, I love Mallorca as if it were my family. I am very sentimental and when he went down to Second B in 2017 the first thing I thought about was returning to return to professional football.

For you it is more than a club...

It is my house and I try to take care of all the details. I try to help as much as possible, from the people who are in the laundry, the kitchen, the gardeners... I try to make all the workers feel comfortable.

Is the goal to retire here?

My idea is clear. I want to fill more pages in this beautiful book with Mallorca. Increase my numbers, continue making history.

He also wants to be an example for young people.

I help the young people in the quarry so that there are players who feel the colors from deep inside and see what Mallorca is. I try to guide them so they don't make mistakes. Sometimes we players get desperate, we don't have patience and we change places. I have lived it and in the end everything falls into place.

He goes to ceramics classes. What do they contribute to you as a player?

We players have many afternoons off and we think about it a lot. Ceramics classes helped me escape from small problems. It has been very good for me to gain patience. It gives me a lot of peace. It's going to another world. I disconnect, enjoy and relax. I don't know how to explain it, but the feeling is incredible.

Since Aguirre arrived the team has improved. What would you highlight about the coach?

He knows how to handle all situations, dramatic and calm moments. In some it doesn't let you relax and in others it motivates you in one way or another.

What has the coach conveyed to you for the final?

That the finals have to be won. This squad has a very good base and experience from having experienced extreme situations in recent years such as a Cup final. We know how to navigate these waters.

Athletic has just lost five finals. Is the pressure on them?

A priori they are favorites but a thousand things can happen. We can't control everything, but whatever is in our hands we will make it difficult. I am convinced, we will win. We don't have any pressure and we are a team that has a hard time giving in.

His uncle is the former goalkeeper Toni Prats. Has he given you any advice?

May you be calm and enjoy. He is a man of few but profound words. He has been like a father. I went to see him at the Betis sports city and at the end of training I would kick fouls with Joaquín, Assunçao and my uncle would stop them. Denílson was also there, who gave me some boots. Being treated well by professional players stays with you for life. When he was little he was also from Betis.

As a child he also played on his town's team, Artà, with Sergi Darder. Now they have met again after a long time.

In the end the dream of playing together has been fulfilled. As children in Artà we lived wonderful moments. Now, when we have played a game, like against Atlético, we talk about it: 'Who was going to tell us that we were going to be playing these important games together.' We get goosebumps. We have been separated, but I love Sergi madly.

Have you made any bets if you win the final? Maybe shave your mustache in your case...

(Laughs) The truth is that no. I've thought about it these months and I don't know if I see myself with a mustache at 40 years old.