How to save to make the September slope and back to school more bearable

The month of September means a return to routine for many Spanish families.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 September 2023 Monday 10:24
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How to save to make the September slope and back to school more bearable

The month of September means a return to routine for many Spanish families. In just a few days, children and adults go from lying on the beach to having to adapt to schedules and obligations again. In addition, it is time to rebalance the domestic economy after vacation expenses and plan the much-feared but often-desired return to school for the little ones.

Various studies estimate that the expenses per child to start the school year, not counting the cost of tuition, transportation and extracurricular activities, can exceed 400 euros. To help them face these expenses and make “the September slope” more bearable, Repsol has decided to multiply by two the discounts that it has been offering for months to drivers who use the Waylet app to pay for their refueling and electric charging. A basic exercise to balance the accounts of that small business we call “family”.

Last April, Repsol launched a pioneering initiative in Spain to help its customers save, the “Energy Plans”, which are based on a simple formula: the more energy you have contracted, the greater the discounts that will be obtained when paying the fuel or electric recharging.

Now, coinciding with the “back to school” operation, the energy company has doubled the amount of these discounts. Until next October 15, drivers who pay with the Waylet app will be able to accumulate balance savings of between 10 and 40 cents per liter of gasoline or diesel. If you are an electric car user, the savings will range between 6% and 100% of the charging you do at both public points and service stations.

Let's look at two practical examples of the savings that can be achieved. At home we have contracted with Repsol for electricity, natural gas and solar panels, so when we refuel our car, the Waylet app will refund us 40 cents for each liter of fuel. If we refuel 160 liters until mid-October, the total savings will amount to 64 euros.

If we have an electric car, recharging will be free when we have three energies contracted with Repsol, since the discount that corresponds to us is 100%. With a consumption of 160 kWh during the promotion, we would obtain a Waylet balance of 160 euros, a more than interesting discount to finance the purchase of uniforms, books or notebooks for our children.

Another way to save is to make our purchases with the gift cards that can be purchased at Waylet. Depending on the number of energy contracts we have with Repsol, the savings can reach up to 40% of the expenditure made in stores such as, El Corte Inglés, AliExpress, Decathlon or Ikea, to name just a few of the associated brands. The cards can be purchased in the “Benefits” section of Waylet and, enjoying the same advantages, in the private area of ​​

Of course, not everything is going to be shopping for the children. If we prefer to invest everything saved in our daily expenses, it is important to remember that the balance accumulated in Waylet can also be redeemed for refueling at Repsol service stations, charging points, car washes, parking meters and purchases at any of the more than 4,400 establishments attached to the Waylet network. In addition, it can be converted into discount coupons for our electricity and gas bills and make purchases in the energy company's online store.