How to light up your Christmas with discounts on your electricity bill

The countdown to Christmas begins.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 November 2023 Monday 09:23
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How to light up your Christmas with discounts on your electricity bill

The countdown to Christmas begins. In just a few days you will be buying gifts, choosing the Christmas Eve dinner menu, organizing the annual lunch with your old high school classmates or preparing a getaway to the snow. It is a time to enjoy time with family and friends, but also to balance the domestic economy so that, once the holidays are over, the “January hill” becomes less steep.

On these special dates, with the Christmas lights on all day, the refrigerator always full of food and the oven at full capacity for many hours, it is normal for your house to consume more energy than usual. So the best way to start the new year is by saving on your electricity and gas bills and taking advantage of discounts on your favorite brands.

To achieve this you just have to download Waylet and use it in your Christmas shopping. With more than seven million users, the Repsol payment app helps you this holiday season, and during the rest of the year, as it will allow you to accumulate a balance that you can use every time you pay with the app as well as reduce the amount of your bill of light, even that the light is free. A savings exercise that will help you balance the accounts of that small business we call “family.”

Let's look at a practical example of savings. Through its Energy Plans, Repsol offers its customers a series of discounts, which increase depending on the number of energy contracts you have with this electricity company. If you have the light with Repsol and use its app to make purchases worth 2,000 euros per year in stores that you love, such as, El Corte Inglés, Decathlon, AliExpress or Ikea, you can add a balance of up to 100 euros. If, in addition, you refuel 2,000 liters of fuel per year, Waylet will refund us up to an additional 200 euros.

In total, up to 300 euros of savings per year for your refueling, electricity and gas bills and purchases from your favorite brands. And the benefits don't end there, because you can also redeem this balance at electric charging points, car washes, public parking meters and purchases at any of the more than 4,400 establishments participating in the Waylet network.

Last April, Repsol launched a pioneering initiative in Spain to help its customers save, the “Energy Plans”, which are based on a simple formula: the more energy you have contracted with the energy company (electricity, gas or solar panels). ), the greater the discounts obtained when paying for fuel or electric charging with Waylet.

In September, the energy company doubled the amount of these discounts, which you can take advantage of until January 10. In this way, using Waylet you can accumulate balance savings of between 10 and 40 cents per liter on your gasoline or diesel refueling, and up to 100% when recharging your electric car.

Another way to get credit, and therefore save, is to buy at our favorite clothing, sports equipment, electronics, home or garden stores with the gift cards that can be purchased at Waylet. Depending on the number of energy contracts we have with Repsol, the savings can reach up to 40% of the expenditure made on a long list of associated brands. The cards can be purchased in the “Benefits” section of Waylet and, enjoying the same advantages, in the private area of ​​

Thanks to these discounts, the Waylet app has become your best ally to optimize expenses on your regular purchases, but also when refueling or recharging your electric car, as it allows you to accumulate credit and then use it on your utility bill. light. So now you know, shine with Waylet this Christmas!