"Here they see three blacks on the bus and they think we are all family"

What are you doing here?.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
25 May 2023 Thursday 16:23
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"Here they see three blacks on the bus and they think we are all family"

What are you doing here?

Well, the same as you; only that I came to Barcelona from Guinea...

The former Spanish Equatorial?

I came from Malabo for work, I met my husband and I stayed... 12 years ago. And well, I'm already 38.

Tell us about your life.

Oops: you didn't try very hard with the question...

Psychologists charge to do it

At least you don't act like when I tell you I'm a humorist they ask me to tell you a joke... Isn't it true that if I tell you I'm a plumber you won't ask me to fix your sink for free?

I wouldn't try it if I were you...


...But, come on: Tell us a joke!

I feared.

Please... Do it for the readers,

One of the things that characterize the Spanish is their idea of ​​"The only black".

Are we a racist country?

Here they see three blacks on the bus and they think we're all family.

The human brain tends to search for and project patterns... Out of laziness.

The fact is that I myself began to internalize this prejudice, because one day I got on the bus in Barcelona and it was coincidence that I found myself in the same seats with a black man and woman...


And I took it for granted that they were married, although they did not speak at any time...

Well, for that very reason! They were marriage.

But while I thought they were going together, the "husband" got up...


And I inadvertently made a gesture as if warning her that he was leaving without her. She told me very politely that she did not know that man...

It can happen, of course.

...But, when she told me, she also got up to get off at the same stop, which, by chance, was also mine...

It's not that weird either.

And when the three of them got off I heard a lady from the bus say: "You see Paco as if they were going together!" And Paco, who answers: “Ssshhhh, the little girl is going to hear you! "And? -she said- Let them adapt! If they don't adapt!"

Were you also racist for a few minutes?

It is that people of any origin end up assuming the prevailing clichés where they live. I have also assumed the prejudices here about other groups and people.

What sets this country apart the most?

The huge number of dogs they have.

More than children: tell me about your life.

You don't want to work, huh? Curse the questions, man: one by one.

Where was he born?

In Malabo: I am the youngest of a family of seven siblings. My older sister had a daughter my age. When she came to Spain and decided to bring her daughter, it seemed logical to her that I would also come with her, and that we both lived together as her sisters.

Did they have Spanish nationality?

In principle, Guineans have dual nationality. But I had to do paperwork and, not coming with my mother, it was complicated.

What do you remember from your first day here?

I arrived in Barcelona when I was 6 years old and I remember that the Gran Vía seemed immense to me. We lived in Guinardó.

Do you ever travel to Guinea now?

Now I am a mother and with my 6 year old son I am not sure if I would make the trip.

Is there oil in Guinea...right?

These resources tend to always end up in the hands of a few.

Will there be an official from the Guinean embassy reading this interview?


What do you like most about Guinea?

Art, cinema, music...

How does Guinean music sound?

It is of enormous vitality, like the Nigerian. And remember that Nigeria has the third largest film industry in the world after Hollywood and Bollywood.

And you?

I have trained in theatre, dance and I have done advertising and cinema. In 2010, I had the opportunity to shoot my first film.

And the monologues?

And in 2015 I made the leap to comedy...

Stand up comedian (single talker) isn't it very tiring to always work standing up?

It is as hard or as wonderful as life, your life itself; because it's not about reciting anyone's script or telling the best jokes you've ever heard, but rather that the monologue is born and grows: and grows older with you...

...May it grow old?

Even old, yes, because that's what "Black Humor" is about. And I realize that I am enjoying it a lot, even more since I am a mother and I can distance myself to prioritize what is a priority and take the iron out of things that were just plastic.