"Having a manager always helps to pay less and optimize the tax burden"

We are facing an income campaign without major changes, but with some news for savers, investors and high income.

23 May 2022 Monday 21:46
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"Having a manager always helps to pay less and optimize the tax burden"

We are facing an income campaign without major changes, but with some news for savers, investors and high income. We continue to drag doubts such as the aid due to the ERTE situation due to the pandemic. In addition, this year the Treasury continues to adapt to new circumstances such as investment in cryptocurrencies or the sale of second-hand objects from digital platforms.

However, the general and common concern of taxpayers continues to be how to optimize the tax burden in order to pay less or at least not pay more. The truth is that having the help of an administrative manager can help us present the Personal Income Tax in the best way, thanks to their knowledge of current legislation. This is how the president of the Official Col·legi de Gestors Administratius de Catalunya, Josep Ribó, explained it to us in an interview with La Vanguardia.

This new income corresponding to the 2021 financial year is loaded with some new features that especially affect savers, investors and high incomes. Which are?

One of the novelties of the year 2022, compared to 2021, is that for investors and for large incomes the general rate has increased by 2%, going from 45% to 47%, which has a significant impact on high incomes. On the other hand, for savers, everything that is dividends, everything that is interest and benefits of companies or money in general reaches 26%, before it was 23% at most and now it is 26%. With which the Treasury continues to tax income, continues to tax capital.

Finally, the Tax Agency has applied changes to achieve greater transparency and control regarding cryptocurrencies. How are interests or yields for operations with virtual currencies indicated now?

The cryptocurrencies have to be declared this year as they had to be declared in other exercises, in the same way, simply with the particularity of this year is that we have a special box to attribute the result of the cryptocurrency, positive result or negative result. The cryptocurrency is taxed whenever there is a transmission and this transmission must be declared for the purposes of the Income Tax on Individuals.

And if they have not generated returns, do we also have to include these operations or how do we proceed?

Cryptocurrencies, if they have not generated returns, do not have any type of taxation for the purposes of Personal Income Tax.

This year there are also changes in pension plans. How do deductions vary in this regard?

Indeed, this year there has been a change in pension plans. The maximum amount to contribute is 2,000 euros and this is clearly insufficient when considering a supplementary pension plan to the social security pension. The contributions made by a person based on 2,000 euros per year do not really have any significance at the time of retirement, considering that life expectancy is 80 or 82 years.

More and more people are selling objects on second-hand platforms. Should these sales be declared? In what cases?

Earnings from sales on digital platforms are taxed as a change in equity. The most common reality is that normally this does not generate capital gains, on the contrary, capital losses, so it should not be too much of a concern. Another thing would be to sell cars with a certain age that may have a revaluation in the market with respect to their purchase price.

Are all the tax benefits from last year maintained or is there any variation in this regard?

There is a new tax benefit for environmental issues. Rehabilitation works that improve the energy efficiency of the home can be deducted. But in order to access this tax deduction we need an environmental certificate before the start of the works and after the completion of the works, apart from the invoices where the investment that has been made can be seen.

And who issues these certificates?

These certificates are issued by the same company or company that carries out the works.

And with regard to the self-employed… How should they face this income campaign?

They simply have to take into account that if they have received any type of subsidy due to Covid-19, they are taxed either for income from work or for income from economic activity depending on the type of subsidy.

In fact, this year there are still many doubts about the aid received by the ERTES during the pandemic. How are these grants taxed?

ERTES due to a pandemic situation are taxed as income from work. The problem we have is the quantification of what is collected since the SEPE often certifies amounts that are not exactly those received. Sometimes too much, sometimes too little. But it forces us to make complementary statements based on what is actually perceived.

New sections, new deductions and new conditions... Why is it increasingly important to have the help of a manager when filing the declaration?

It is important to have an administrative manager to make the income statement because administrative managers are qualified people who are trained every year. I want to remind you that this tax is modified every year, therefore it is important to go to a professional who is an expert on the subject so that he can really give the best possible advice and can optimize the tax burden, always logically based on current regulations.

Many will wonder... Can having a professional help us pay less?

Having an administrative manager always helps to pay less because they are well versed in the law, well versed in the legislation (which is not only the law, there are also consultations and interpretations) and this always allows the tax burden to be optimized.

What happens if we make a mistake when filing the declaration? Can we rectify?

Like everything in life we ​​can make mistakes when filing the return, it is important that we realize these mistakes and regularize them. How? With complementary declarations or with substitute declarations depending on whether it is in excess or in deficiency.

And if the Treasury is wrong and we accept the draft of the Income. Is the responsibility ours or the Tax Agency?

If we accept the draft that the Treasury prepares for us, the responsibility always lies with the taxpayer. We have seen errors by the administration where a sanction was later produced and the taxpayer had simply accepted the settlement, nothing more. Therefore, we must pay maximum attention to what we accept in front of the tax administration.



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