Gunman kills 4 in mass shooting spree in central Israel

Late Tuesday night, a gunman riding a motorcycle opened fire on a crowd in central Israel killing at least four people.

Muhammed Kayan
Muhammed Kayan
30 March 2022 Wednesday 09:59
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Gunman kills 4 in mass shooting spree in central Israel

This was the second mass shooting spree this week. Police killed the shooter.

Although the circumstances of the attack were not immediately known, it appeared that this was the latest of a series of attacks by Arab assailants. It occurred just before Ramadan, which is a Muslim holy month, and the anniversary of the Gaza war. Israeli media reported that the attacker was a Palestinian living in the West Bank. Concerns have been raised about the possibility of more violence after the previous attacks by Arab citizens of Israel, who were inspired by Islamic State extremists.

Two shootings took place in Bnei Brak on Tuesday, an ultra-Orthodox urbanity just east of Tel Aviv. According to police, a preliminary investigation revealed that the gunman had an assault rifle and opened fire upon passersby. He was then shot by officers on the spot.

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called for an emergency meeting with top security officials on Tuesday.

Bennett stated in a statement that Israel is facing a wave of terrorist attacks from the Arab world and promised to fight it with perseverance, stubbornness, and an iron fist. Benny Gantz, Israel's Defense Minister, tweeted that security forces would "work with all means to restore security to Israeli streets" and that civilians will feel safe.

Israeli media reported that the suspect gunman was a Palestinian 27-year old man hailing from Yabad, a northern West Bank city. The suspect was not immediately identified by police.

Amateur footage broadcast on Israeli television showed a gunman wearing a black shirt and wielding an assault rifle as he shot into a moving vehicle.

Two young police officers were shot and killed by gunmen on Sunday in Hadera. Last week, four people were killed in an attack by a single assailant in Beersheba.

On Tuesday, Israeli security forces raided the homes and businesses of at least 12 Arab citizens. Two of them were arrested for allegedly being connected to the Islamic State group. This was in response to recent terrorist attacks.

Bennett stated that the recent Israeli assaults were a new situation and required increased security measures hours before the raid.

According to law enforcement officials, 31 homes and other sites were searched overnight in northern Israel by police officers. This was the same area where the gunmen responsible for the Hadera attack resided.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for both previous attacks.

Israeli leaders condemned the killings, and pointed out the timing. These attacks occurred before Ramadan, which starts later this week. Israel hosted a high-profile meeting between four Arab foreign ministers and the United States this week. The killings were condemned by all four Arab countries -- Egypt, Morocco and Bahrain -- as well as the United States.

Ramadan will begin on Saturday. Last year, clashes among Israeli police and Muslim protestors during Ramadan boiled over into an eleven-day war between Israel, Hamas, and the Islamic militant group Hamas. Hamas described the shooting as "heroic"

To avoid another round of violence, Israel has taken steps to ease tensions with Palestinians. Rare are the attacks of IS in Israel and by Arab citizens.

It operates mostly in Iraq and Syria where it has intensified its attacks on security forces. It does not control any territory, but it operates via sleeper cells. IS has attacked Israeli troops and has branches in Afghanistan, and other countries.




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