Graset in the interview of the century

The controversy pulls.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
31 May 2023 Wednesday 16:40
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Graset in the interview of the century

The controversy pulls. It attracts us, we like it, it hooks us. "I go to the controversy like flies to shit," Joel Díaz said two years ago. He was telling Juana Dolores, the writer, video artist, actress and stage director when he wanted to interview her. "And right now you are the most exuberant piece of shit on the Catalan cultural scene," added the unclassifiable Díaz.

Nondescript. To the evidence, that is, to the holy Wikipedia in Spanish, we refer: "Joel Díaz Braña (Santa Coloma de Gramanet, November 22, 1980) is a", and here it ends. Let them explain it to us.

What we were going to Controversy hypnotizes us, keeps us on screen. The journalist Xavier Graset had Juana Dolores on Monday in his Més 324 program. The interview of the century. The most followed and captivating seventeen minutes of televised conversation in recent years. Definitely. For tiktokers to understand, seventeen minutes is like putting fifteen to thirty TikToks one after another.

They are a good reason to lose interest in anything else, put it in a loop, and starve to death. Like the killer video The Infinite Jest, which was recorded by David Foster Wallace. Much of the credit for the success of the interview with Dolores falls on Graset. He shows off the elegance of a tennis player to the nines. Wristbands, ribbon in the hair and the most elegant bang there is. Graset's first passing shot to surpass an interviewee grown up on the net:

- I hope a meteor falls in the Ona bookstore and breaks everything.

– Your book is in the Ona bookstore...

Second passing shot:

- If everything is shit and piss, what do we do?

-Come here and shit on everything. You can't do anything, because you're wearing a tie.

- I wear a tie because I'm fat and that way I can't see my belly.

If instead of "gras" (fat) he says "grasset" (chubby), the interviewer maintains the number one in the ATP throughout the century and leaves the set cheered by the councilor. The "holy patience" that many tweeters highlighted from the journalist was not his strong point. It was his elegance and waistline before someone who confessed himself to be so communist and Marxist that he came to describe the CUP as a "hipster" and Xavier Trias as a "fucking old man". No applause for her.

The writer went to rant on “the television of the Catalan bourgeoisie”. Literature is also bourgeois – you can see it: “The price of books makes me think that literature is a bourgeois hobby”. Says @pabloromerx, an Argentine editor of works of poetry who should not frequent libraries. Neither do digital books. 27,000 likes, he has... Bourgeois is also having time to read, some respond... Oh, holy patience.