Georgina Rodríguez reveals that she suffered three miscarriages before the loss of one of her twins

You have to wait a very short time to be able to play the second season of 'I'm Georgina' on Netflix.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 March 2023 Saturday 04:25
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Georgina Rodríguez reveals that she suffered three miscarriages before the loss of one of her twins

You have to wait a very short time to be able to play the second season of 'I'm Georgina' on Netflix. On March 24, the streaming giant premieres the Georgina Rodríguez docuseries, in which the model reveals the most intimate, heartbreaking and unknown details of her life. One of these episodes happened last April, when she lost one of the twins in common with Cristiano Ronaldo during childbirth. The loss of little Angel occupies an essential part of this new season, since 'Gio' opens on the channel to tell how they lived the moment.

If in the first season we could see Georgina's fun and cheerful side, this second installment is more intimate. The model reveals how she and her family felt in the moments after this loss, and also admits the consequences that have remained. "This year I have lived the best and the worst moment of my life," says the model in the trailer for the docuseries. Georgina opens up, and though grief washes over her, she admits that she must move on because "my children need me."

Being a celebrity often brings with it the fact that many aspects of her life are already public, but there is another 'Gio', and it is the one that she herself wants viewers to know about in her documentary. Confessions that have never come to light. This is how El Español collects it, after seeing the first chapter of 'I'm Georgina' for the first time. In these first minutes of reality, she assures that she remembers the first months of pregnancy as a "horrible time, because I vomited all the time and was very sleepy." She also assures that, although she was very excited then, she also had many fears.

"Every time I went to the gynecologist at night I had nightmares because I was worried about how they would be placed, what the delivery would be like, if it would be a cesarean section... I was very scared at every ultrasound, I was very tense, because previously I had three abortions and I came home broken," he reveals. Information that had never come to light. And although until the moment of delivery it seemed that everything was going well, the happiness of the couple was cut short by the loss of their little Angel.

"They were born on Easter Monday, the most awaited moment arrives and your heart stops. Bella was born strong and healthy, but a piece of my heart flew away," Georgina explains. "You wonder how I'm going to continue... I was not prepared to accept or acknowledge what had happened to me and I was not prepared to tell my children," she continues, assuring that the well-being of her little ones was and is essential for her. .

The influencer assures that she was unable to tell the reality to her children at first and chose to hide it from them. "Since I still had a gut, I told them that Ángel was still going to wait a bit to be born, that he would be born later. Until Cris told them that Ángel was in heaven. That was a dose of reality," she says.

Cristiano Ronaldo's partner also ensures that the following days were an ordeal. While she was still in the hospital, her sister, Ivana, was in charge of modifying the twins' room before Georgina's arrival so that there was only one crib, one stuffed animal or one cuddler, instead of two; they wanted to protect her from that impact. In addition, the one from Jaca assures

that she spent a week without going out on the street and even avoided taking her children to school so as not to face the gazes of the other mothers. An episode that has left consequences in many aspects of her life.

"I'm never going to be the same. Every time I look at Bella I wonder: 'Would he be like this?' The truth is that I feel like I'm not ready to think about it yet, like I haven't accepted him yet. I always tell my children: 'Your little brother is in heaven, he doesn't want to walk, he wants to fly. Every time you look at the sky, think of him,'” explains Georgina, unable to hold back her tears during many parts of the story.

The model assures that without Cristiano's support it would have been much more difficult to move forward. "He has played a super important role. God puts the right people on the road," she says. She also managed to heal the wound that remained in her heart, little Bella Esmeralda. “He managed to somewhat fill that void that is present in my life. When she is older, when we tell her what has happened, she will be very proud of what she has achieved", she confesses. In addition, 'Gio' reveals how they chose the name of the little girl, who honors two Disney princesses. "She is called Bella Esmeralda for two of them. We chose it among all of us," explains the model.