From tablets or smartwatches to drones, the most desired Christmas gifts

This Christmas promises to be different.

12 December 2022 Monday 23:45
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From tablets or smartwatches to drones, the most desired Christmas gifts

This Christmas promises to be different. Kinder, more complete. More like before. The pandemic has given us a break and it is time to recover everything we had to put aside: celebrations, meetings, lunches and dinners, gifts.

The desire to enjoy these holidays is so great that 40% of Spaniards affirm that they will spend more on their purchases this year. This is confirmed by the 2022 Christmas Consumption Study carried out by the consulting firm Deloitte, which reveals that each Spanish household estimates spending an average of €634 this Christmas, in line with spending in 2021 (€631).

Among the different categories covered by the report, leisure and catering (29%) and gifts (12.4%) are the ones that take the cake. Very specifically, we will spend €270 on Christmas presents, compared to the €240 we invested last year. The main reasons are three: we will buy gifts for more people (29%), we have more savings (28%) and we have improved our personal or financial situation (24%).

Now, what will be the presents for children and adults who will succeed at these parties? At the moment, the most desired are clothing and footwear, followed by money and electronic devices such as computers, tablets or smartwatches. The mobile or smartphone has its own category and this year they rise to sixth place (in 2021 it was three positions below). Travel, leisure, cosmetics and perfumery occupy the fourth and fifth positions respectively on the list. For the first time, new categories have appeared this year: gift cards and subscriptions.

The consultant's study also answers what will be the most purchased gifts. In the field of adults, they remain faithful to the traditional top 3: clothing and footwear, cosmetics and perfumes, and books and hobbies. If we talk about children and young people, the category of toys and hobbies continues to top the list. The second position is occupied by clothing and footwear, and the third by money. Online entertainment has moved up one position from last year and is now in fourth place.

Special mention should be made of gift cards and subscriptions, which are being given more and more to adults and children alike. Electronic devices are also successful, occupying sixth place in the purchase of gifts for adults and fifth in those for children and young people.

It is clear that we like to give away technology and 2023 is full of innovation and new products. Like the drones, a perfect complement for lovers of aerial filming, or like the 3D printer, ideal for passionate collectors of small figurines with great detail. You can also give the usual, but to the last. Wearable devices, such as smartwatches or airpods, have brought about a true revolution, since they allow you to carry out your favorite activity, no matter how extreme or moving, that is accompanied by your music. To surprise the little ones there are virtual reality video games. They never fail!

When buying gifts, most of us will do it in physical stores, since local businesses and department stores continue to be the most chosen, although a quarter of the budget will go to the online channel, as pointed out by the Deloitte Christmas Consumer Study 2022. For all those Internet users, Cofidis has prepared the Domestic Savings Guide: Tips for your online purchases, which includes advice on how to take advantage of promotions and discounts, learn strategies to get the best prices and avoid Internet scams.

Yes, Christmas is synonymous with reunions, enthusiasm and good wishes, but many times, between gifts, Christmas menus and festive family activities, our pocket suffers. Luckily, there are some tricks to save this holiday season. From making a shopping list, setting a maximum budget and thinking about how to distribute it (always reserve an amount for last-minute or unexpected expenses) or creating a calendar that allows you to save gradually to spend less money at Christmas; to investigate, compare and take advantage of promotions to get the best prices or cook cheap and original recipes that will make you look great and reduce expenses.



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