Freaking out with High Season

On Thursday the starting signal was given to the shows aimed at Estación Alta programmers.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 November 2023 Monday 03:29
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Freaking out with High Season

On Thursday the starting signal was given to the shows aimed at Estación Alta programmers. When the end of the Girona autumn theater festival begins to appear, the organization concentrates in a few days the cream of the contemporary theater scene.

On Thursday, he said, the Buenos Aires native Rodrigo García opened the fire with Cristo es en Tinder, a reflection on relationships and interactions in the age of social networks from which, he confesses, he lives on the margins. A cast of young people who had not yet worked with him showed this new world in Salt's El Canal.

On Friday the highlight was La scelta, the election with which Roger Bernat challenged the spectators by turning them into programmers of the Montaña Alta festival. Through a scripted debate, the public chose between nine proposals so that one of them would be scheduled in Girona in the next edition.

To the surprise of the respectable, his choice coincided with what the festival itself had already made and, therefore, we can now announce that in 2024 it will be possible to see It don't worry me, a creation of the Catalan company Atresbandes with the duo formed by Bertrand Lesca and Nasi Voutsas.

On Saturday morning the documentary Sonoma (Le film, pas le spectacle) premiered, where La Veronal by Marcos Morau tells the making of one of his most celebrated shows. The day before it was also possible to see Firmamento, his production aimed in theory at a youth audience, but which delights all ages.

In the afternoon came Angélica Liddell's big moment, with her Vudu (3318) Blixen. Almost six hours with intermissions, for a long-applauded piece that has earned a five-star rating (masterpiece) from La Vanguardia critic Juan Carlos Olivares. This chronicler disagrees with so many stars, but he is no one to give his opinion on a show in which her fans gave themselves one hundred percent.

At night, Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs fought again and reconciled for the enjoyment of the festival audience, as it is a round piece, full of emotion and tenderness, which could already be seen at the TNC.

And on Sunday, Lorena Nogal, dancer from La Veronal, filled the Girona History Museum with her choreographies from Room 444: HERE, in contrast to the beautiful altarpieces that are exhibited in the old throne room of the palace that occupies the museum

Before the Sunday programmers' lunch, the Argentine dancer Marina Otero barely danced in her show Love me, between the success of the previous season's Fuck me and the Kill me that will be seen in the next. A challenge for artist and audience, about love and, above all, heartbreak.

And if you wanted to let off steam, you could always go to Cabosanroque's installation Sous les violons, la plage!, where visitors threw stones at the four string instruments that hung at the back of the room, while a string quartet from Haydn.

Four hectic days ended with Otero, in which Montaña Alta has offered the public and programmers the best of the best of the contemporary theater scene. A new success for the Girona festival.