Francesc de Dalmases will remain sidelined for "a good season" due to "risk of heart attack"

The deputy Francesc de Dalmases will remain on leave for a season due to the risk of a heart attack.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
03 November 2022 Thursday 04:31
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Francesc de Dalmases will remain sidelined for "a good season" due to "risk of heart attack"

The deputy Francesc de Dalmases will remain on leave for a season due to the risk of a heart attack. This was explained this Thursday by his party partner, Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, in an interview on TV3.

Until recently, the leader of Junts per Catalunya went to the Sant Pau hospital in Barcelona on Tuesday of last week, while the group's management was meeting to analyze his incident with a TV3 journalist and the internal report prepared by the lawyer Magda Oranich. At first it was believed that he was suffering from an anxiety crisis and indisposition, although later it was detected that it was heart problems, according to what they point out from his environment and Alonso-Cuevillas has confirmed today. "They have prescribed absolute rest, try to get out of focus and worries during these days," he added.

It was the president of the party, Laura Borràs, who conveyed it to the other members of the executive on the same Tuesday. The balance of that meeting was the resignation of Dalmases as vice president of JxCat, although he maintains his deputy act.

The circumstance that this Thursday the commission of the Statute of the Deputies of the Parliament decides if it verifies if the deputy violated the code of conduct of the institution and initiates a sanctioning process. Alonso-Cuevillas, who chairs the commission, had requested a report from the Board and the legal services on how to act, since it is an unprecedented procedure. In addition, the also leader of Junts, very close to Dalmases, has described the code as "churro" on TV3.

At the beginning of the committee meeting, he commented on his legal doubts: if the code of conduct applies full time or only in the actions of a member of the Chamber and if it can be sanctioned with a code that has the status of a norm and regulation and not law.

In any case, the commission deliberates on the matter of Dalmases and two other Vox deputies, Ignacio Garriga and Alberto Terradas, behind closed doors.

The internal investigation of Junts, carried out by Oranich, a member of its guarantees commission and a person with an accredited professional career and recognized prestige in the defense of women, concluded that a journalist from the FAQS program, which is no longer broadcast, felt intimidated and that the leader of JxCat and Borràs' right-hand man behaved incorrectly. In addition, Oranich denounced pressure from the environment of Borràs and Dalmases.

In addition, an investigation by TV3 yielded the same conclusions and there have also been female Parliament deputies from her group who have denounced incidents similar to the one that occurred on Catalan public television after Borràs was asked in an interview in July about his legal case, for alleged irregularities when he directed the Institució de le Lletres Catalanes. For this matter, the leader of Junts was suspended as president of the Parliament and she is one step away from sitting on the bench of the accused. For his part, the director of the FAQS program, Pere Mas, assured a parliamentary commission that if no complaint was filed, it was due to "fear" of repercussions.

The whole Dalmases issue still has several pending fringes and beyond what happens in Parliament, which can only sanction him financially or publicly admonish him, that folder could be addressed once again within Junts, at the next council meeting national, which will be this November. Several sectors collected signatures to demand his resignation from the organic positions and also that he leave the act of deputy, something that he has not done. The management has tried to deactivate this maneuver, but the outcome is not yet clear and the signatures could be presented.

The Dalmases crisis has rekindled the tensions between the two souls who live together in the formation led by Jordi Turull and Borràs.