Five things we learned from the Jan. 6 hearings of the committee


05 July 2022 Tuesday 09:18
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Five things we learned from the Jan. 6 hearings of the committee

Jan. 6 committee held at most half a dozen hearings. They are promising at least two more this month.

We thought it was a great time to reflect on all that we have learned thus far. These are five key takeaways.

1. Trump viewed the crowd as armed, dangerous, aEUR" and welcoming.

Although he knew that the crowd was armed, and knew that intelligence indicated violence could occur on Jan. 6, the former president didn't seem to care, according to an aide at the White House.


He said that they weren't here to harm me, according to Cassidy Hutchinson (ex-aide to Trump Chief Of Staff Mark Meadows). "Take the effing mags. Let my people in. From here, they can march to the Capitol."

Hutchinson stated that Trump was furious at the fact that Jan. 6 armed people were stopped by magnetometers or metal detectors. This made his crowd seem smaller.

2. A president who is impulsive and desperate for power.

He threw plates at the wall after he became upset by the fact that his attorney general had said that there was no widespread fraud in 2020's election.

He grabbed the steering wheel of the presidential vehicle because he wanted to go to Capitol with the rioters.

Hutchinson depicted a president who was unhinged. People around Trump aren't the only ones to describe Trump as a man who demands fealty.

Multiple witnesses at these hearings described a president who refused to accept the truth, would find people telling him what he wanted, and had fallen down a rabbit hole of conspiracy. He was determined to hold on to power, which was slowly slipping away from his hands.

3. Trump's pressure campaign was open to all sizes.

Trump's relentless goading reached everyone, from his ex-vice president Mike Pence to GOP state election officials and workers.

Pat, you heard him. Meadows said that Mike deserves it. Per Hutchinson, Meadows spoke to Pat Cipollone, White House lawyer, regarding the crowd singing, "Hang Mike Pence!"

(Cipollone could be forced to testify by the committee soon. He has been subpoenaed by the committee.

Trump repeatedly stated publicly, including in an ad-libbed portion of his Jan. 6 speech, that Pence did not have the "courage," to do what he wanted. Trump called Pence a "conveyor belt" at a recent rally.

Trump incorrectly accused Shaye Moss, a Georgian election worker, of altering votes due to a video he recklessly discussed.

She stated that her personal life was ruined ever since.

"I have gained approximately 60 pounds. Moss stated that she doesn't want to do anything anymore. Moss said, "I don’t want to go anywhere. Everything I do is second-guessed. It has had a profound impact on my life. Every way. All because of lies. It's the same job I've done for years.

4. Potential criminal prosecutions are likely to increase.

A scheme to fake electors. The potential for violence. It is the lack of concern about violence.

An attorney for the White House concerned about possible obstruction of Congress and charges of defrauding the country.

Members of Congress and other members of Trump's inner circle ask for pardons.

Now, oblique threats are made against witnesses to the committee.

"I believe most Americans are aware that trying to influence witnesses to testify in a false manner presents serious concerns," Liz Cheney (R-Wyo), Committee Vice Chair. said.

The committee has left a lot of breadcrumbs for the prosecutors to eat.

5. It is difficult to doubt the credibility of witnesses.

Trump World may be trying to subvert some of the testimony, especially Hutchinson's, but you should ask yourself if Hutchinson has more to lose by her testimony. Also, will anyone, including the president who is casting doubt on her testimony, do so under oath before both the FBI and the committee?

On many occasions, Trump has been able to depose under oath and has had a different style than the public. Nearly everyone who testified was a Republican who was working for Trump to get him reelected.

They all have to be lying or have an agenda to get their conspiracy going.



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