Feijóo prioritizes the electoral program by not foreseeing disputes over the candidacies

That everything that is included in the program can be carried out from the Government.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
10 June 2023 Saturday 04:22
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Feijóo prioritizes the electoral program by not foreseeing disputes over the candidacies

That everything that is included in the program can be carried out from the Government. It is the task of the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to the team that prepares the proposals with which they will be presented to the general elections on July 23. The popular ones give priority to the program, given the prospect that the preparation of their lists will not have the problems that parties like the PSOE or Sumar are having.

The general coordinator of the PP, Elías Bendodo, in a weekend that the party wants to have a low political profile so that the tensions in the government parties stand out, yesterday in Cádiz alluded to the casualties and "the angry people" in the Federal Socialist Committee, which he valued as a foretaste that "change has arrived and they are trying to place themselves in the chairs."

The PP is immersed in the preparation of its lists and these will be known next week, when the period for presenting the candidacies opens, they assure the party leadership. But this time there will be no problem of who is included and who is not. There is room for many, given the expectations that the party manages based on the results of the municipal and regional elections on May 28.

In addition, Feijóo's will, according to collaborators close to the popular leader, is to accommodate all party sensibilities in the candidacies. A clear example is the inclusion in the Madrid list, which will be led by Feijóo, of Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, on the one hand, and of Borja Sémper, on the other. Two totally different and even contrasting personalities. The assignment to Miguel Tellado, who is in charge of preparing the lists, is to incorporate people with a professional profile and solidity who can give an additional point of authority to an eventual PP government.

Cleared the debate on the candidacies, the priority for Feijóo is oriented to the electoral program. The sources consulted indicate that he does not want to focus his campaign on “populist” promises, in the style of those made by Pedro Sánchez in the 28-M campaign, such as the cinema ad for two euros, on Tuesdays, for the elderly. The instruction is that any commitment that is included in the program must be able to be put into practice. Without any concession to electoralism, they say.

The measures will be reeled off by Feijóo in the coming weeks, through clear and concise announcements. He has commissioned a government program that he can apply from day one. For this reason, they emphasize, "it will be a solid program", which will take time to close. "A real program is not done in two days," they emphasize.

The economic and social sections are Feijóo's priority, since he wants to pivot his government action on them at the beginning of his term. That is why he has given an important role in the elaboration of the program to the Fundación Reformismo21, which he created just four months ago.

His commitment to "repeal sanchismo" supposes, as he has already announced, repealing or reforming some laws approved by the Government, including the trans law, in what refers to the requirements for changing the registration of sex, or the law of Democratic Memory, of which he considers that there are points to maintain. But Feijóo knows that this is not enough to govern, and he needs economic and social measures to give character to his future government.