Feijóo, delighted to discuss with Sánchez the two fiscal and economic models that they have

Happy to discuss.

04 October 2022 Tuesday 10:35
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Feijóo, delighted to discuss with Sánchez the two fiscal and economic models that they have

Happy to discuss. This is how the president of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, was shown, after learning of Pedro Sánchez's intention to debate with him, in the Senate, on taxation. He will be delighted to "be able to confront two economic models and two different taxation models."

Feijóo is convinced that he has everything to win, because it is about comparing the one that in the most difficult moments asks for more efforts from the citizens, and the one from the PP, that when the Spaniards make more effort to increase prices, they are taxes are lowered and part of the money raised by the increase in those prices is returned.

This debate on taxation will allow Feijóo, he assured during his visit to the International Fruit Fair held in Madrid, to also hold a debate on budgets, since taxation and the budgets that the Government has approved are closely linked.

For the president of the PP, some budgets that "do not lower taxes for citizens by one euro cannot be said to be the most social taxes in history", because the most unfair tax there is, in his opinion, which is that of the inflation that exists in 2022, is not lowered to the citizens. “That is the most antisocial. Without lowering taxes, they are antisocial.”

Feijóo also expressed his surprise because "it is news that there is an agreement between the government partners for the budgets, it indicates the situation in this country", because the fact that it is news that they have agreed shows, he said, "the four years of divided and confronted government that Spain is experiencing”.

In addition, he recalled, now that government agreement needs the support of the parliamentary partners, among others ERC and Bildu, so it cannot yet be said what the 2023 budgets will be like.

Alberto Núñez Feijóo considers that the budgets are typical of a government leaning to the left, and that it does not attend to the problems that citizens have. He misses more restraint in all policies, including economic policy. Moderation, on the contrary, is represented by the PP.

“The PP is the most moderate and focused party in Spain”, proclaimed the popular leader, who stressed that he will continue to practice that moderation, because Spain demands it”, and it is necessary since in his opinion we have “a government that borders on the extreme”, therefore, no matter how much they say or demand from another side, in reference to Vox, the PP will not be distracted from that path.

“Even if moderation is not in fashion, even if moderation is boring”, because he is convinced that it will end up being fashionable. His intention is that Spaniards can choose between extremes and centrality”, and he is clear about what the majority of Spaniards think, they want that centrality where he stands and where he intends to keep the PP.



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